CBD Oil for Seizures Progress

  1. I know some people that order CBD from a wholesale supplier & get it for much cheaper. They say it's a very good quality, better than the exspensive brands.
    I'm just not sure where they order from. But I would do some research online, or join some of the CBD Facebook groups. That way you can ask around about a lower price.

  2. Hello, I've read on several places that when treating seizures with CBD you should take 100-300mg daily. The lower end of the spectrum 10-50mg is used for treating pain and anxiety. You might want to try the everyday advanced and up your dosage of that.

  3. Are you still taking your meds with it?

  4. With your auras do you see red, blue or green orbs ?

  5. Great video I'm researching currently taking CBD oil…. Did you completely replace your prescription meds or are you taking CBD in conjunction with your meds?

  6. yes, take a stronger dosage!!! keep posting! these videos are important!!! thank you!

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