CBD Oil for Pets & Benefits!

https://www.therawfoodworld.com/promotion.phtml?id=57 So… I finally tested our new CBD oil for pets on them… and… as you will see… the results were pretty …


  1. I give CBD oil to my dogs and cat. I just rub it on their gums 👍

  2. I'm Australian and have just bought some CBD & THC oil for my dog. Could you please tell me the name out the vet you refer to from Australia as I'd like to see him.
    Thanks in advance x

  3. What is the percentage of pure CBD oil in the mixture for Cats? There are so many difference in the percentage, among the different products on the market, and that does create a huge difference in its effectiveness.

  4. Who ordered the pizza? Spicoli here?

  5. Yeah I totally agree with him. For my dog i buy from here http://emeraldcbdshop.com/jasconim

  6. You need to just put it in their food

  7. You're such a fucking media whore and loser….go brush you're hair you dirty piece of shit. Your dogs look deathly afraid of you!!!

  8. it would be so good for Vets

  9. don't you know chocolate can kill your animal

  10. I need this big time for my dog, so I’ve been trying to purchase it with expedited shipping. Your website is having issues however, the checkout keeps failing or at least that’s the message I get, so I will have to go elsewhere. This is just a heads up.

  11. They just sat down!!

  12. I get the treatwell brand at my co op. My holistic vet wants me to use the 20:1 for my golden retriever who has arthritis. Do you make that

  13. chocolate?? Never heard of cats eating it. I know for dogs it is poison. what are you feeding Simba? he looks very stressed. The dog looks like he might be stoned. You might want to look into Anna Breytenbach, the animal coomunicator. She’s wonderful. Maybe you could even have her down to one of your raw retreats.

  14. You can't claim there is a scientific basis for things and then dismiss the science that disagrees with what you say.

  15. Pure CBD? 1 drops of "pure cbd" wouldn't be a drop. Cbd is not a liquid. 120 mg for 20 bucks is a rip off. You only take in 20% of cbd when ingested. That 1-5mg dose quickly becomes a .2mg-1 mg dose once it passes the liver. Its funny that my actual pure CBD for a full gram is less than the cost of your whole product. Thats one hell of a markup.

  16. You know that chocolate can be lethal for cats, right? Eating chocolate can cause abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures, and death.

  17. Definitely would want to do some independent research. Cats/Felines cannot metabolize essential oils.

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  19. give my 15 year old 7 lb dog CBD oil ,2x a day. the first time I gave her some she came to me with the most beautiful smile. arthritis and poor appetite have dissppeared.

  20. Funny video!!! Great results for the dogs!

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