CBD OIL FOR PAIN! Review & Side Effects

Hey guys! I posted a picture on instagram the other day using a CBD oil vape and I got so many questions that I thought i’d make a video about it! Let me know if …


  1. I hope this will be available in PH coz its so hard to find even the cbd oil alone…

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  3. Nikki, I have a severely crooked back. It was due to the fact I had scoliosis when I was young. In my Thoracic spine, I have T shape discs. I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is calcifying all of my cartilage. & 7 types of arthritis. But I am thinking maybe you had some type of scoliosis when you were young to misalign your body frame. Maybe look at that for answers…

  4. So glad I came across your video ♡♡ thank you
    I wake up in PAIN and fall asleep in pain I've tryed everything and wanna try CBD oil ♡

  5. US government has patents on the medical contents of the plant. Then they made it a schedule 1 drug which increases their hold over monies associated with it. If it stops being sch 1 then the government to include DEA and other enforcement agencies will loose billions in revenue from seizures and those that will have to be released from our legal system.

  6. Where can I get the CBD vape pen ? The one you have please, I'm willing to try anything, but not opids at all..the Advil I'm taking is making me so nauseous I really need relief

  7. Shared to FB
    OMG I'm in constant pain all the time also !! I need relief!!! Please help me !!

  8. Does the benefit appears immediately? Or is it more like a long term process (1-2 weeks).
    I am one week with cbd and my chronic pain are probably a little better, but I feel that I am still very anxious.

  9. I just Googled this and I cannot fricken BELIEVE this is legal in the state of Alabama!? I had to read it a few times!? And since 2016?!

    Can you share what brand you are using?

    I am currently on Gavapentin and Naproxen for chronic low back pain. SO, I would gladly exchange.

    I just subscribed to your channel an omg I love you!!! <3

  10. Hi Nikki, how did you know where to purchase. The cbd vape? I’m looking into getting it and I want to make sure I go to a legit place. Thanks

  11. Why after posting a picture wearing tight yoga pants and top do we on act like WOW I got so many comments, we know that's why you posted the picture in TIGHT SEXY WORKOUT CLOTHS seriously

  12. You don't have to tell us yesterday was your birthday right after saying its the day after your birthday lmao

  13. Happy belated birthday! woohoooo partyyyy. 🎁🎉🥂🍾

  14. I don't think its right to call CBD a drug. It is a natural plant, which you actually say yourself. That's kind of contradicting.

  15. What is a good brand of just 100% cbd oil with no fillers or other oils

  16. I use it recreationally, it's just really calming and I feel like all the 'worries' I have are miniscule relative to when I'm not on CBD

  17. Hi Nikki, love your story I believe CBD is a great product when used in moderation and the reason I’m saying this is because I’ve done some research as well. I’m going to try and attach a link so you can read for yourself. CBD apparently does interact with certain medications and it’s all in the way that your liver metabolizes CBD and other drugs that people are taking for medical reasons so I guess the jury is still out and more research needs to be done but I believe it has helped many people just want to be right. Here’s the website: https://www.projectcbd.org/science/cannabis-pharmacology/cbd-drug-interactions-role-cytochrome-p450. And thank you again for sharing it was awesome I hope to do this Someday as well for my spinal issues and my significant others chronic pain, thank you

  18. My pinkies aren't as crooked as yours. That must be the bone that's throwing off the rest of your skeletal system. J/k.

  19. Just to play devil’s advocate, you mentioned there is a natural cannabinoid system in our bodies, that is true! (I’m a 3rd yr medical student btw). However lots of the medicines prescribed by doctors that you mentioned that are killing hundreds of thousands of people are also acting on natural systems we already have in place. For example our bodies have a natural opioid system/receptors, however prescription opioids are still a leading killer. Hormone replacement or birth control are also acting on natural systems already in our body, but they also are not “natural” medications, and still have lots of side effects. I’m definitely not opposing what you’re saying in this video and I’m glad it’s working for you and I think it’s a great alternative for pain treatment. Love you Nikki!

  20. Hello, could you let me know the name and brand of the CBD Vap please and where I can found it?

  21. I have had chronic pain for over 18 years in my knees. 8 knee surgery's on 1 and 2 on the other. I have been on 10mg of methadone for about 6 months. It helps a little. I want to try CBD oil. Being on the methadone when u tell a doctor they look at u and think drug addict. Should I talk to my pain doctor about CBD? Thanks again for your videos.

  22. I’m NOT a hippy but agree with you completely. It’s all about $$$$ and power. Time to legalize it now.

  23. I recently found out I have CMT, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. It's similar to MS and the only thing worth taking that helps and wont kill my body is CBD.

  24. I'm so thankful to see this video. I'm in bed suffering right now from a migraine and I've tried so many options other than this and spent tons of money over the years. I saw a nutritionist that stated while vaping you can hold it in your mouth and still absorb 90% without getting the long term side effects in your lungs. I more glad for sunrise tonight than when I worked third shift so I can go to a vape store. Thank you! 💜

  25. Have you went to a good chiropractor?

  26. This is very helpful. I’ve just begun a highly concentrated CBD oil and it was more than twice the cost of your bottle. It’s supposed to last 2-3 months though I don’t feel anything yet. I have a lot of spinal pain. The genetic component you mentioned is real. I think I inherited my dad’s spinal issues. Have you seen a DO? My dad is one and was in medical school when I was born. While he was feeling of me he found a cervical rib. My 2 siblings also inherited it. It has long term structural problems associated with it.

  27. Those stats aren't quite right. Something over 100,000 people per year die from drugs prescribed to them, both misuse of the medication and taking as prescribed are factored into that number.

  28. What about breast implant illness?
    I was deathly sick with joint, muscle pain and pain all over and so much more but found out it was my implants.
    Check it out:


  29. I know you made this video a couple of months ago, but I want to say THANK YOU!! I've been researching CBD for my pain (12 herniated discs, no facets, severe arthritis in my back and knees), not to mention they reference my glaucoma to that of a 90 year old man (I'm 45!!!)… I also have anxiety and SEVERE insomnia! Today I bought a "frog gummie" to try it tonight. I'm TIRED OF HURTING ALL THE TIME and I don't want pain medications! So, yes, THANK YOU for your very informative video! Peace and Love on the CBD Hippy train! LOL! 😁😁😁

  30. Im from Indonesia..n then i use essential oil from YoungLiving for healing my autoimmune

  31. 17:27 whole black peppercorn… use whole peppercorn to stop anxiety and paranoia… it is the beta caryophyllene in the peppercorn that does it… beta caryophyllene is a dietary cannabinoid https://duckduckgo.com/?q=beta+caryophyllene+is+a+dietary+cannabinoid&t=ffcm&atb=v62-6__&ia=web https://duckduckgo.com/?q=use+whole+peppercorn+to+stop+anxiety+and+paranoia&t=ffcm&atb=v62-6__&ia=web

  32. Please check out my All Natural CBD Vape Oil available- https://www.ebay.com/itm/202365289681

  33. Thank you for sharing. I watch your channel and appreciate you bringing up this topic. I am currently researching CBD oil. I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia and RA. I am in chronic pain and I am so tired of pharmaceutical drugs. I am trying to find an alternative so I am researching.
    I appreciate you sharing because I value your option and it is better to hear this advise from someone who has chronic pain too.

  34. Not to be overly dramatic but I’ve been researching this and your video is so helpful I have chronic widespread pain from fibromyalgia/scoliosis and I got tearful/hopeful when you said you had no pain thank you for making this video💜

  35. Cancer comes from unprocessed meats

  36. I want to thank you for this video. I am currently weaning myself off of my pain medication and am desperately in need of something for the pain that is not more pain pills. I saw this video and ordered. I received it today. I have to say that it helps.

  37. Marijuana is not legal in Tennessee but Cbd is. My family takes it religiously even my children.

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