CBD Oil For Pain, Anxiety & Insomnia – Dr. Michelle Weiner

https://www.healthsmartcbd.com Dr. Michelle Weiner discusses how patients have benefited from using CBD with little or no side effects. Learn more about the …


  1. It helps me sleep and my anxiety

  2. CBD oil doesn't help everyone. it doesn't help me.

  3. Started using CBD Hemp oil in March 2017, after 15 years of pain and Chronic Pain which started in 2016. I was suffering from other illnesses as well and diagnosed as OBESE around 200 pounds. I have been Blessed with this #SacredPlant as a dietary supplement and can only give God the praise. Highly recommend starting off at low dose as everybody's different.
    Remember You Are What You Eat. In Truth, Love & Justice. SHIRLEYB63 Oh, and I now weigh around 162 pounds.

  4. Olsssss answer our concerns oleSe

  5. Sleep…. need more info anyone help ?? Best product, number of times to use etc

  6. My full spectrum CBD oil acted as you describe for the first month of use. After that it began acting opposite. My pain has returned along with unexplained insomnia. I've maintained the same dose level but it's now behaving totally different.

  7. Everything you say it helps treat I have. Also I love you… first because you are beautiful and two because your last name is Weiner ^_^. Thanks for the info.

  8. Any experience with cbd on a keto diet

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