CBD Oil for Pain and Anxiety (Watch This Review Before Buying)

Official website of Verified CBD Oil – https://verifiedcbdoil.com CBD oil also known as Cannabidiol is just one example of more than 85 scientifically-identified …


  1. I use the CBD which helps me, I feel great! I believe this product. Great products! at the https://www.hempcbdworld.com/

  2. This so called oil is FAKE….it's a scam!!!!!! It is not FDA approved…why ingest something you don't know about??!!!!!!!!

  3. She is lit wrong and ur white balance is totally off from ur green screen effect… lol just having fun adding I like her wispy greed digital tips.

  4. No more disgusting drops under the tongue. I was in and out of the hospital with lupus, fibromyalgia and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease pain. I noticed CBD oil did help but I just couldn’t stomach the “weed” flavor. So my husband went to work. A year in and he’s perfected his formulas. Finally CBD relief without the yucky taste. Please support the movement as we try and change the world one CBD vape pen at a time. Organic. Pure CBD.


  5. I use the CBD which helps me, I feel great! I believe this product. Great products at the https://www.hempcbdworld.com/

  6. ???? this is laughable to watch.

  7. This is a scam don't buy anything, they don't answer their voicemail they respond to e-mail one a month to string you along. Go buy it in a store where you get it right away.

  8. When clicked the link, I got: "verifiedcbd.com refused to connect"

  9. As a very successful woman in the cannabis industry, I am ashamed that some people will go to the extent of using a green screen and slap a lab coat on a random person to try and convince someone to buy their product. This is unacceptable and you should not do things like this to take advantage and mislead people so they spend their hard earned money on this crap you call pure full spectrum oil. Shame on you! #thecbdgal

  10. is verified cbd a real bussines? ive placed an order and now im worrying ive been ripped off ?

  11. That green screen doctors office lmao

  12. This company is in Lithuania not USA. Address in Miami is a residence. Nothing but lies here.

  13. Who is this person and what are her credentials. Anyone can put on a lab coat and have a picture taken in a medical facility of some kind. What makes her an expert and why should we take her advice?

  14. Pretty sure I just saw you on Inside Edition and all the names you go by. Your a doctor, lawyer, etc. liars for hire was the name of the segment.

  15. I had a knee trauma with sinovitis,tear off the ligaments and a contusion of the int.meniscal bone,I could not drive but I had to go to work, I got depressed and the pure CBD oil sublingual ,without THC was the only treatment I needed for a good recovery without inmovilization and without surgery,believe me is awesome,no side effects at all.

  16. Wow I totally trust a fake doctor in front of a green screen advertising for a company, nice!

  17. I ordered this to Canada over 5 weeks ago and it still hasn't come and I can't get a hold of anyone from verified cbd oil either via email or calling. How do I figure out where my order is?

  18. Rather just blaze a fatty but whatever works.

  19. Why do we have a fake doctor's office? Hurts credibility

  20. I can see you reading the screen "your eyes are moving and also your background on the video is a screen. You can tell from the flicking on your hair

  21. There is a heavy amount of reasurch for CBD benifits

  22. Oh, my god ! I can't believe this stuff works ! I followed an add through an email, and thought, well it's only a few bucks, so I'll give it a try. Not believing it of course. My way of testing if a medicine works, is to simply take it, not have any pre assumed ideas about it, and forget I took it. It's really the only way not to psychologically get the wrong results.
    The shortest version of my story is this; I'm 52, lived a hard life, and have both my neck, and lower back fused, and full of metal. I also have ankylosing spondylitis, sporadic arthritis, and chronic bronchitis. The truth be told, I was a bit of a fully functional pot head in the past, until I got busted, and the only way to stay completely away from pot was to hermitize myself from all my friends, and it's influences. I ended up taking the state allowed maximum limit of pain blockers, muscle relaxers, anxiety, sleeping, stomach, and mood enhancing drugs, the doctors put me on. It felt like I was slowly being poisoned, and would die if I continued. So what I did, was to stop seeing all doctors, (except for emergencies), and ween myself off it all quickly. I never had the withdrawals they talk about on the news, just re-ajusting to all the pain, which seemed worse now. After yea re s of meds, and years of eventually having to take massive doses, (which I thought was a better alternative to the other pills), of ibuprofen, it was giving me the same fearful feeling of impending doom. Now when I said I was a pot head, I meant in very small, controlled doses, as I hate not being in control of my functions. Just a couple hits, not whole joints, at a time. Well, this stuff has given me comfort, pain relief, and that just a little bit of feeling, you mostly get after a hit, or two off a joint, or pipe. My eyes feel a little tracy like weed, and my body feels more at ease. My vision even seems to be more sharp, and focused ?! It has been about 25-30 minutes since I took the first two gummies, and I am in absolute shock !!! I only hope this stuff continues to give me this reaction, rather than build a tolerance up to it like pot always seem to do ??!!!! If this continues to work, I am sold !!! And I'm a highly skeptical individual about everything ! By the way, I started feeling in about 5 minutes, fricken 5 minutes !!! How awesome is that people !!!!

  23. I have started taking it today. I have began at .2mg. It has been a few hours now and nothing. Do I take more? 🙁

  24. Please share this cbd oil video https://youtu.be/_-90eshvg8A with your friends!

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