CBD Oil for Mental Health!?

Todays video I am opening up about my use of CBD oil for my mental health. Mental health is so important. CBD oil can help with pain, stress, anxiety, …


  1. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  2. It is important to know difference between 5% and 10% CBD as well.

  3. I am so happy that you talked about this! CBD oil helps with my anxiety and my brother is manic bipolar with adhd and mild Asperger’s syndrome and it helps him so much. More people need to know about it!!

  4. Love you too! Thank you for opening up to us, I'm enjoying the tips for better mental health. ❤ we need more encouragement and awareness like this for those struggling with mental health.

  5. If you live in Texas or Houston area, please check out sacred leaf. It’s the first and only CBD store in Houston area. All organic and non thc. Ig: sacredleafhtx or sacred leaf Houston on Facebook

  6. CBD helps me with my autoimmune disease. Im teally glad you made this video.

  7. CBD from hemp and CBD from cannabis are the exact same thing. CBD from cannabis can’t get you high either

  8. Thanks for making this video! Glad to see that you’ve found something that helps you feel more like yourself 😊 I’ve been contemplating buying some to help with my social anxiety

  9. Thank you for sharing this Lindsay .. I actually have a doctors appointment Monday, I do have depression but I feel I was miss diagnosed, my mother had mental health issues I’m pretty sure it was bipolar and she had 6 girls who suffered the effects of that, Growing up on welfare and drug environment wasn’t the ideal situation, but I was able to escape..
    You sharing this and your last video has really helped me come to the realization I may need help other then doing it on my own..
    I think I might have cyclothymia, I’m not all the way bipolar, there’s different levels. I’m in the middle, with depression added on. Honestly, l don’t care about the labels or stereotypes , I just want to figure this out, I want to know why I can’t do what I desire to do, because my body and mental state won’t allow it, , I was on meds before but I went off them, once I figure this out I think I will be more at peace knowing I’m not a horrible person, but it’s because I have a chemical imbalance,. I’m sure there doctor will suggest a antidepressant and mood stabilizer; and at this Point, It can’t hurt, if it makes it worse I’ll stop or try something new. I have to fight this. I go up and down, I want to die, sleep a lot, anti social when something triggers me like a song or a memory I go into depression.. then I can wake up and feel fine and do many productive things, it’s a constant struggle/ war inside your mind, worthlessness and sadness from maybe your pass mistakes . But, I’m fighting and I’ll be fine 🙂

  10. loving your new videos! (loved the old ones too) 💛

  11. I really love that this isnt sponsored but you helped get us a discount! 😊

  12. Ive literally been at the end of my rope for months. Same as you, one tiny little thing will trigger me and I just spiral out of control for days. I am going to try this and I thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  13. Love this so much. Great information. I really need to pick some up. PS you’re giving me little mermaid vibes in that purple sweater 😍❤️

  14. Good timing! I've been wanting to try CBD oil for my stress and anxiety..I just wonder where to get it…

  15. This needs to be legal everywhere. I'm so glad it helps you nature is amazing 🙂

  16. There isn’t a place I know where I can order legit CBD oil online?? Help please?

  17. Wtf I was just researching CBD oil and then I get on YouTube and see you uploaded something! Weird shit. Haha I think I’ll be trying it out!

  18. Omg yes I totally believe it works

  19. I'm glad you made this because I didn't know there was a difference between the two until recently. This sounds like something I need to try because I battle depression and anxiety a lot.

  20. Love the education! I didn’t realize it was from hemp and that it didn’t get you high. Also I know a lot of people like the brand the cure !

    I’m clueless on the subject as I’ve never tried anything so I appreciate the knowledge

  21. CBD is also incredible for Autism symptoms from what I’ve read.✨

  22. I'm bipilar too and have fibromyalgia and cbd has helped! And yes the and makes me…me… I have bod and tend to not know who I really am and cbd has made me feel me. Like I just have a personality of who I wanted to be for a long time and it just make me…myself. When I get manic and start to get psychotic my meds deffenentaly help more. But for the everyday struggle cbd is better than my ativan. Thanks for talking about it

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