CBD Oil for Anxiety! Does it REALLY WORK ? (2018)

Welcome. Here you will find all you need to know about CBD oil. Where can I get the BEST Quality CBD oil? I use this CBDPure. 600mg is the strongest and that …


  1. Hello Tomasz , you have Polish name , I'm Polish and came to USA 21 years ago and for 20 years I have severe an anxiety disorder and panic attacks, have been on all different kinds of meds ….they don't help me anymore so I try CBD OIL. I try CBD Plus , then CBD Charlotte's and now I have CBD MD …none of them have helped me…I m desperate to find CBD that will work for me…Please help me find the right one..Anna

  2. Do you use it concurrently with keto diet? I'm asking, because I've tried Charlotte's Web CBD oil 9mg, the one you recommend has 10mg, and this oil did nothing for me, didn't reduce my anxiety. Maybe I would have to double dose, but $150 just per month just for CBD (I take other supplements too) is way too much for me.

  3. Great video thx for the info


  5. I just tried mine tonight for the first time, I've been staring at the bottle for months. I had anxiety so bad tonight I was vomitting and crying. It helped within seconds and now I feel so much better and I don't want to go to bed! I've had anxiety 30 years, I'm now 40. Weaning from medications which made me very sick and want all natural. Hope this works long term!

  6. How much milligrams per day did it for anxiety? I tried cbd but it kinda makes me real sleepy.. maybe dosage too high?

  7. weed gives me less anxiety. I have high anxiety. What makes me function or helps is taking adderall. It helps me deal with having constant anxiety. Weed also calms me down by reducing my anxiety… to an extent. I guess I'm asking, if weed barely gives me less anxiety, am I to expect this will be like drinking water?

  8. Cześć Tomku, zmagam się z nerwicą serca i chciałbym wypróbować ten specyfik. Zauważyłem, że zależnie od oleju, każdy z nich ma różne stężenie CBD wyrażane w %. Mógłbyś się podzielić z jakiego korzystasz? Niestety nie udało mi się znaleźć informacji o stężeniu CBD na stronie z olejkiem który posiadasz. Dziękuję z góry 🙂

  9. Does it take a while to kick in? I just bought some and took a full dose and nothing, nada anxiety still very strong, does it take a few doses to get into your system?

  10. Tomasz, what other brands did you try before settling on this one?

  11. hi
    i will try this but how many drops should i take daily ? its kinda expensive here in Germany as it cost 44 Euro for 1000 mg

  12. Does this cbd oil have zero THC in it?

  13. You say u have the 600 mg bottle. But how much of the tincture do u take?? How many drops? Do u take it everyday?

  14. I had the same experience. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I don't see any lab reports on the website.

  16. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  17. i have generalized anxiety/panic disorders drs will only give me ssri that will take weeks to work amd even cause more damage then help im honestly very tired. i need quick relief to ne able to go about by day i think i will try this…. is it addictive? does it make u nauseated (phobia of throwing up) please let me know

  18. My dog may have arthritis, maybe ill dose her with some cbd…

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