CBD Oil for Anxiety

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  1. I just vaporize industrial hemp. Works well.

  2. Hey man I’m thinking about trying CBD for anxiety mine is bad I hate my panic attacks my local shops in Knoxville TN have them but every time I use to smoke weed my heart would race and stuff and I do have a small heart murmur I had a vsd repair when I was small but I’m straight now just a small heart murmur but my question is does it effect your heart rate like weed? That’s my main question and if it doesn’t then I’m all game. Please respond as long as it doesn’t get you high and effect your heart rate I’m game

  3. I hope a few people see this.
    I live in an illegal state so CBD is my only option for medicinal marijuana.
    Before, maybe a year ago, I was doing my research on CBD and my local smoke shop had a huge sign up advertising they sold Diamond CBD. I checked in with them and the owner of the shop told me all the benefits of CBD and how many people it's helped and even wrote down a link to Diamond CBD's website. Before buying I went home, read their website which listed all the medicinal benefits of CBD and how their CBD follows the agriculture laws in the US about THC levels.
    I was thrilled that I had found something that could help a medical condition I'd had for a while. Well, I poked around the internet and couldn't find anything negative about the product so that same day I went back and bought it. I bought the vape additive and followed the dosing instructions on the bottle. (A few drops in a flavored vape liquid)
    Well, a few hits in and I started to feel really relaxed. Peaceful, happy, calm, not a care in the world. I was estatic. After about 10 minutes I noticed that peaceful feeling was fading. I waited for another hour or so to see how I reacted and found that I wasn't drowsy, numb, groggy or anything. I had just returned to my normal state.
    I took another few hits, about 2 more than before, and noticed I started to get a bit..spacey. The best way to describe it is I felt intense euphoria, almost like THC high but not as potent. I didn't get giggly, or "stoned" but I definitely had some psychoactive effects happening. I was extremely happy and nothing bothered me. I remember watching my cat throw up a hairball on my pillow and just happily cleaning it up without any irritation whatsoever.
    It was concerning because every single thing I had seen on CBD swore up and down, left and right, that CBD does NOT get you high. I watched people smoking hemp nugs, oils, and using tinctures that didn't get them high but I was certainly not in a normal sober state.
    After about 10 minutes again the effects began to fade and another 5 minutes I returned to normal, again with no lingering effects.

    This is where it gets hard for me talk about. I figured, stupidly, that CBD does have some effect like it was having on me but no one was talking about it because then it would be illegal just like marijuana is. Stupid. I know. A few months go by and I've gotten used to using the DIAMOND CBD regularly in my vape liquids. It didn't have any side effects after I "came down" so hey, why not? I was less anxious, it was helping with my medical condition, it was legal, and so I saw no problem. My problem was when I went to a different smoke shop which didn't sell any CBD due to legal reasons. (A retired police officer worked there and he couldn't work around CBD products legally.) So, I go in asking for Diamond CBD and the retired officer who works there gets this worried look on his face. He then tells me I shouldn't use that stuff because of what happened to some people. He then goes on to tell me that people have actually used more than the recommended amount and started hallucinating and crashed their car killing them instantly. Now, I want to put a disclaimer. One, the people who died used more than the recommended amount on the bottle. Two, the bottle clearly says not to operate heavy machinery while using the oil. So, for all intensive purposes the company cannot be held at fault for the deaths their product caused.
    But, I asked him where I could read the details and he gave me a couple places to start but he said I'd be hard pressed to find any information on it because there was a big to do when DIAMOND wanted the negative information taken down and removed. He told me they use synthetic hemp and other products that are not natural and shouldn't be in CBD but are legal.
    Sure enough I went home, freaked out, and went on their website which didn't list any ingredients or test information on their products at all. I also looked up information on the people that died but found nothing. I did find a concerning amount of people on a forum that talked about how DIAMOND made their heart pound so much they could see their chest pumping over their heart and how it felt as though they had just sprinted for a mile when they had done nothing but lay in bed. They got headaches, the spins, nausea, and one person reported seeing mild geometric patterns when they stared at their wall.
    I, of course, was worried and began calling other shops in my area asking for Diamond and nobody sold it but that one shop. I asked if it was because it was synthetic and they all said yes. They had other CBD available but not DIAMOND.
    My personal problem started when I cut myself off from Diamond all together. Cold turkey.
    I was fine for about the first few hours but then I noticed I began thinking about it and wishing I could have that euphoric feeling again. Then it progressed into that being the only thing I could think about and then I began having mood swings. Terrible, angry and even borderline violent mood swings that centered entirely around not having Diamond CBD. My mom and I got into several nasty fights because I had explained the situation and she agreed that I shouldn't have it. She tried to keep me from going and getting more and over the next week or so we fought nearly non stop.
    A about 2 weeks after I quit using DIAMOND I felt normal. I wasn't angry anymore, my thoughts weren't centered around it and I was happy again. The mood swings stopped and my mom and I had repaired our frazzled relationship.
    Since then I haven't gone back to that shop and when I use all natural CBD I get no feelings of euphoria or intense joy. I simply feel relaxed and I only use it maybe once or twice a month and as a test I've used it frequently then stopped cold turkey and had no side effects.
    I don't know what happened but I would not say that anyone ever needs to use DIAMOND CBD. It's a horrible, chemical filled, synthetic product that will cause nothing but harm.

  4. CBD Oil finally provided relief for me after YEARS of searching for a solution to my debilitating anxiety. Buh-bye, Xanax!

  5. how does one go about getting the prescribed kind? my nephew has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and ADD, lives in Georgia and I want to advise.Can you get it on Skype if you live in Georgia? Any recommendations is much appreciated. great video btw.

  6. i have anxitey and i use emerald city cbd it works so i started selling it 🙂

  7. Very informative video. Thank you!! ?

  8. you are right, 95% CBD 5% THC works perfect for sleep,

  9. you will find you will need much more of a dose ( CBD ) as a bottle suggest Studies have shown this,,

  10. also a natural diet has changed me a ton,,,By depression has broke off all psych meds as well,,,, I follow your protocol re nutrition herbs amino acids etc,,,It works plus big time jucier ,,,tks

  11. I find 1000mg of the Elixail Also I have found success with TuLite, Bubba Kush,, and yes it has helped a TON with Anx and mood,,, FYI .. take your CBD 2hr before or after you take your CBD,,

  12. You are right Elixail is a great product

  13. Does it still consider smoking and eventually cause lung cancer ?

  14. The Charlette's Web strain is amazing for anxiety. It's definitely the Cadillac of CBD oils. Vaping is suggested for quickness, like if you were having a panic attack. So it's good to have a e-pen or smoke some flower full of CBD for that simple reason…along with your normal dosage. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  15. Very informative and thank you for this detailed video.

  16. What's the best brand for anxiety?

  17. I wanna try this lately I've just been smoking weed for anxiety it helps but it won't help when it comes to functioning in day to day life lolol

  18. What’s the legal age to buy CBD oil? 18 or 21 ?

  19. Forget vaping. Just drop the oil under tongue.

  20. i live in tenn wanted to know if i can order without being locked up im so bad i dont want to leave my house it has cost me a job i juat feel like i have no one to turn to no one can answer my questions….. if its its ok to order where i live i will place a order

  21. Its probably because of that terrible vape pen you have get a tank/mod

  22. Will this pop on a piss test?

  23. hey my friend, have you ever been on anti-anxiety or anti-depressant pills before, and if you have, how do the effects of cbd compare to those pills?

  24. I'm using the spray, it just makes me sleepy/tired. I'm changing brands to see if that helps. Elixinol's web site does not sell the capsules anymore. Pretty dang weird, maybe there's a bug on their site.

  25. Looking to get the best CBD online, check out http://www.bluemoonhemp.com. Use coupon code facebook20 to get 20% off.

  26. I'm fightin other issues, vapor has worked for me but I'm an experienced vapist. I get 5 mg of cbd in a low concentrate cinnamon oil and a slightly higher dose vaping about iml of 350mg / ounce mint infused glycol and cbd in an electric dab atomizer. Can't wait to try dabs from a reliable source.

  27. I tried this and it was for me about as useless as 'Rescue Remedy'.

  28. He’s smoking the wrong shit

  29. Does this work for people who have emotional numbness?

  30. i so want to try this for panic and anxiety,but i'm in md.and don't know if there's even .1 or .3 thc in it,is it legal in maryland?

  31. Thanks for the video!
    I started smoking weed for the health benefits 4 years ago but I’ve always hated feeling “high”

    Today, I stopped at my local shop and got me a vape to try CBD oil. Wish me luck!

  32. I can't believe this doesn't have thousands of views.. awesome video, great detailed information.. thank you so much for taking the time to make this video!!! It helped me understand this a LOT better!!

  33. Don’t discredit thc. Just to please the crowd that’s already skeptical ?

  34. Ive bought charlottes web from a local health food store. The first time was a lower dosage month supply in droplets that was working perfectly. The second was the largest bottle with highest dosage. After a month on the second i noticed a less effective feeling. So 50/50 on chance with the second bottle being three times bigger aren't exactly good numbers to support purchasing again. So before anyone decides to buy thier product i suggest sampling and product comparison whenever possible. I know bad batches are possible but cbd oils are expensive. Also despite most health food stores extreme pricing they dont usually back refunds or exchange on products like this. That said the first time did its job. The second was worthless and over twice as expensive.

  35. the reducing 'fight or flight response' sounds good to me! …I get panic attacks real bad, it depends how my mental health is or what is happening. They only come around once a week now, but I am on two medications for it.

  36. less than 0,1% THC enough ? or do i need more THC in my CBD Oil ( 5% CBD ) ? pls help me guys 🙁

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