CBD OIL FOR ANXIETY | 2 MONTH Review & Side Effects

The capsules I use are 10mg, and the spray is 3mg. I will use the spray if I’m looking to take less than 10mg, and the capsules if I am looking to take more.


  1. My son is 1 week without seizures, since starting last week with it. <3.

  2. So weed didn’t allow you to dream ? That’s really interesting but to be honest. Cool video!

  3. You still dream, your brain is most likely in such a deep state you just don't remember

  4. TXRxCBD.com is were I get my oils. I have tried 10 different companies. This stuff is truly amazing! The real deal. This CBD oil has helped my daughter tremendously! Amazing relief for my frequent pinched nerves in my back.

  5. I just ordered my first bottle of CBD oil and wanted to say thank you for being so honest and open with your life and experiences. Your videos have been a big help! Keep up the good work!

  6. You take it sublingually or vaping it? Ever since I stopped smoking I started dreaming again too! But I still dreamt on CBD, taking it sublingually and can’t really try vaping without buying one so would like to know anyone’s experience so I can buy or not buy one

  7. I just bought some cbd oil for my severe anxiety but have been too scared to try it yet. Can anyone who takes it tell me, does it make you feel high AT ALL? I know there is no THC but I’m still really worried it’s going to make me experience depersonalization and make me extremely paranoid, because I used to smoke weed and starting having the absolute worst trips from it. I really want to try the cbd but I don’t want to be high at alllll

  8. You are a sweetheart. 😊

  9. Thanks a lot! there is not many professionals around that can explain how much CBD you must use, so to check other people experience is very important. I started yesterday to try my anxiety.

  10. Cbd flower is amazing as well! Great for those who miss the physical smoking (:

  11. This video helped me understand more about CBD oil. Thank you for sharing, what you’re doing could help save the world! Keep being yourself!!! 😎✌️

  12. I take 20mg of Prozac. Does CBD interact with Prozac?

  13. CBD Oil was a game-changer for my anxiety! Screw Xanax. CBD ACTUALLY alleviated my anxiety symptoms in as little as 10 minutes after years of searching for answers. And I agree with you, I totally had greater focus, too.

  14. I feel u i have major anxiety i been on high volume meds but im tired of pills.. I want the cbd oil.. My mind races and my mind thinks so much

  15. Can you explain your experience with psychosis and smoking marijuana

  16. Cbd is a miracle helps me alot with anxiety

  17. I would like to try the vape cbd oil cuz I have really bad mood swings and anxiety

  18. After you said you dont have any more cramps I've decided to try CBC oil. Getting some this weekend. I have had really bad cramps for so many years & I'm 28 years old. It ruins a week of my month.

  19. Did it work instantaneously??

  20. I use select cbd products, I love CBD it helps me so much with my anxiety

  21. I’ve done semi well in areas of my life but the one thing I cannot conquer with my anxiety is working. Something about these jobs just really make my anxiety go insane. I’ve had to quit every job I’ve had due to anxiety. I need to work though, so I was wondering what would be the best option for someone like me. I’ve started researching as something that can calm me down the days i need to work because my anxiety goes crazy all day until the point that I work.

  22. My issue is marijuana triggers my anxiety. I just tried some though and I felt better for about an hour and then suddenly after I felt shaky and anxious. Should I try it again? Or maybe it’s because I drank a ton of coffee

  23. Am interested in trying so! Is there any proper subtle, relaxing body feel ones & is more leaned on the affordable side? ❤
    Someone here mentioned "Active CBD" brand & I'd check into this soon, but any more recommendations? 🙂

    Also, would taking like 1/2 tbsp be appropriate? or how's the best low dosage?

  24. Fewer dreams could mean a couple of different things. One, could be that you're not reaching REM stages. Or two, you could be waking up AFTER REM, not during it. When people say they have dreams it's because that means they woke up during REM sleep, which is actually not ideal. My suspicion is you're actually sleeping better and therefore not remembering your dreams because you're waking up after REM, like we're supposed to.

  25. Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk… I feel this, I think this, I did this, I had a dream, I took this, I can't sleep, I like this, I bought this, I have tattoos & piercings because it's trendy, I have ADHD, I have anxiety, on & on & on & on….. Forgot the Pot Oil, you need to lower your dose of Adderall Sweet Tart! 😇 I'm just teasing you, I know what it's like to wake up nervous for no reason 😞. I found your video very informative 😸

  26. Are there any companies that ship to Canada

  27. Anyone ever used this who has misophonia???

  28. My concern would be about the drug tests. Would CBD's trigger a false positive for pot? Even tho they are legal, I'm sure the "Authorities" would still use it as "evidence". And employers are even worse than the police in this matter. They will fire one based on a "positive drug test" even tho there are no tests that are completely free of false positives.

  29. If anyone has used isolate with little effect, not to worry. Try a full spectrum tincture. The CBD isolate, even at very high doses may not do enough. I found the full spectrum to be very effective. Don't think it is going to give you any kind of trip. For me, it just makes the anxiety go away.

  30. I can relate to the seemingly antisocial aspect of racing thoughts. At random, if someone asks me a question I feel bad and upset without knowing why besides that my mind can’t grasp thinking of whatever the person is saying.

  31. Damn girl. You sexy af. CBD changed my life, highly recommend people try it, just make sure to buy from a reputable supplier. My whole body and attitude changed overnight. Life is very short, if something plant based can make you feel a joy about life, remove pain, or cure a disease then this medication is a gift from god and it would be wrong not to try it. My body used to feel like it was made out of rock, so many aches and pains, but now it’s like I’m super flexible and bendy and every life experience is positive in some way. Pure magic.

  32. I freak every time the phone rings Make me angry mad and upset me> There all stupid sale marking callers> CALL ME ! YOU WILL GET CUSSED OUT 😛

  33. Does CBD always work the first time? Or does it take a few days to work?

  34. Hopefully this works because I’m having a huge anxiety problem It completely rules my life. Also is there any difference between cannabis cbd and hemp cbd oil

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