CBD oil for ADHD and Anxiety – Part 1

Personal story of how hemp oil has helped her whole family. More info at www.cityandseatrading.com.


  1. This site is better than holland and barretts 3x stronger and cheaper http://www.cbdonlinestore.co.uk

  2. What is the mg and dosage u give them?

  3. You should put on the movie half baked they would love it!!

  4. I'm sorry I don't mean to kid but I had too!

  5. You're getting your whole family roasted and the animals! Girl that's hilarious! She was so high!! You're even sneaking drops in your husbands drinks and he doesn't even know why he's got the munchies so much. Has he been going through the peanut butter and syrup like there's no tomorrow!?!

  6. How much do you give and how often?

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