Considering using CBD oil? Today I cover everything you need to know about Cannabidiol. Those that are using CBD oil for anxiety would benefit tremendously …


  1. You've helped me big time, bro. In December, I was water fasting to detox and heal my central nervous system ailments. Then, early this month, I've discovered CBD to treat myself and gave up the fasting/fruit diet plan. I've been pondering the idea of combining the methods. Stumbling upon this vid made it clear for me. Thank you.

  2. If you do it, do it well with CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg (30%)

  3. Love your videos!!! And, you’re extremely good looking, too. Subscribed to your channel and liked your video. Thanks for all the awesome information that you’ve given us!!!

  4. You’re extremely good looking!!! And, I love your videos!!! Subscribed to your channel and liked your video. Thanks for all the awesome information that you give us. Appreciate!!!

  5. Good diet and urine Therapy 🙂

  6. Good job – I've watched a lot of videos on this topic – Thanks for the right info – to the point

  7. CBD oil has given me my life back ! All CBD oils are not the same. I did not get positive results with other brands but this one WORKS !! http://www.cbdforu.myctfocbd.com

  8. Great video bro. Thanks for putting the truth out there

  9. Monkeys are not being vaccinated!

  10. Thanks for not saying cbd is the miracle cure all ! You ate the smartest about it on here !

  11. Not even a trollIing. You just wasted 8 minuted of my life…you did not go into any detail on CBD oils instead rambled on about some fruit from a tree. Do not use clickbait to brainwash, not cool. Now go eat some soy and preach elsewhere!

  12. Most of the places that are selling this shit are ripping people off. They put like 1 drop of CBD oil in a whole bottle and the rest is filler. Plus the prices they charge for it. Fuck that. I'll deal with the pain instead.

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  14. It’s good stuff CBD it’s help with anxiety greatly! I study a lot in herbalism

  15. has pharma EVER invented anything that wasn't mimicking nature?

  16. Thanks for the great info bro what would you recommend for cataract. I eat a plant-based diet. thanks, keep the info coming..peace

  17. good 4 d. exonomy 2 …pas d sssh

  18. CBD Oil at Thought Cloud is the best I have tried, if anyone is looking for a brand to start or switch to, try https://thoughtcloud.net/shop/ref/kferouzi/?campaign=ShopStore

  19. What do you look for in buying CBD oil? Like, How much active ingredient should be in a 1000ml bottle? How do you know good from bad! The price ranges from $29.00 to $179.00. What is what? Is the oil made from seeds or the leaves?? Please help find the best relief at the lowest price!

  20. Video would be so much better if you didn't move around… ijs

  21. https://thoughtcloud.net/

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  22. Fruits convert to sugar which is the diet for cancer. A ketogenic diet is much better that excludes all sugars and wheat and carbs. Early man ate plants and proteins, not much fruit and virtually no breads. Sugar is NOT your friend. Early man was also constantly moving and fasting.

  23. Great explanation! I use Sisters of the Valley CBD organic infused with coconut oil and blood orange, nice taste and it works miracles!

  24. love this. I sell CBD oil and I'm teaching all the time CBD is JUST A TOOL it's not the fix. If you wanna get well, you gotta change your diet.

  25. Heck yea, Astringent fruits or herbs, I swear by them; persimmons, chokecherry, banana skin, green granny smith apples, acai…the less sweet and more bitter the plant (non toxic plants only) is usually best, for healing and toning. Then you can always add some ripe (less bitter), as a reward.

  26. Rob, I keep asking many involved in fruit & herbs for healing the following: how to deal with severe IBS when strating out with fruits, salads, even steamed veggies. I try Slippery Elm to sooth, but it doesnt help enough. I end up only being able to eat a few bananas and white rice.. to stop the crazy bowel flow or it is impossible to leave the house for my outside obligations out in the world. Any thoughts?

  27. Rob what is this marijuana I’ve never heard of it before . Only Kidding . Hey I got some star Fruit . And it’s Awsome!!! It was very juicy and a little lemony . I actually juiced some and mixed it into my Heal all Tea .

  28. I am spacial you now have a Subscriber . I found your Name interesting!!! Checked your page , And like the content ! I have watched a lot of Santos already this year .And I’ve had some experience with. Kundalini!!!!! But have not yet seen David R Hawkins . I can tell I like him already . Thanks 🙏. AUM OM

  29. Thank you Rawb for putting the frugivore species message out there! This video was so information-packed thank you for all these explanations. Very helpful!

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