CBD oil drug test questions

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  4. Is there a difference in drug test results from CBD extracted from hemp vs cannabis?

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  6. They need to come out with a test that defines how much THC is in your system, this way they can tell if your just taking CBD (0.3% or less) or smoking pot.

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  8. I dont have this problem. I refuse to work for any employer who does drug testing, and I'm a very productive $40,000 a year employee. Those fucking Pigs dont deserve CBD oil. You dont get to destroy peoples lives FOR YEARS, and then start using the same beneficial plant you were locking people up over. FTP

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  10. Ha ha the land of the free….

  11. haha,iam preparing my oil as we speak !

  12. Drug tested myself came out positive only smoking CBD .

  13. Have no fear CBD oil isolate is here. Which means. Nurses, Doctors, Police, Fire Departments, Warehouse Workers, Truck Drivers, Etc. Can now get the benefits of CBD oils without THC.
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  14. Cops should be able to blaze if they want any profession should nobody follows you from work caring if you're drunk driving

  15. He needs to get a medical card and say what now

  16. I think it's funny that the politician who showed positive on a drug test and his job was on the line he all of a sudden was looking into changing the drug policy but i bet any other joe blo at there job who might loss there job we'll we don't care about there drug testing policy.

  17. I’m afraid to take it because I can lose my class b license. ;(

  18. "they think im a pot head" ? this is a damn shame yoo they want to strip us of everything beneficial

  19. I used a full spectrum cbd oil and a pcp doctor that I went to see for the first time did a drug test on me. It came back showing I had 3 different drugs in my system. I was humiliated because I never even took pain medicine before and I didn't even know what one of the drugs listed was. I called my neurologist from Vanderbilt University Research hospital and told them what happened. That's when I found out cbd can cause a person to have a false positive drug test results. That lifted a big weight off my mind as far as the drug test that was performed. I'm not going to another doctor except my neurologist, unless they know what hemp/cbd is.

  20. That's why people need to understand that's why we need to legalize the full plant because even in CBD oil even if they say different cannabis still in that banana lesser property

  21. Dude that's funny you say that you never take cannabis when CBD oil is cannabis you guys don't make no sense CBD is made from the cannabis plant

  22. I use CBD oil and cream from herbstrong. Hail the miracle of a drug that doesn't get you high and you can't overdose on it.

  23. I suspect the issue is that he got "full spectrum" CBD oil. If he had the isolate, he probably wouldn't test positive.

  24. As someone who's disabled an deals with chronic pain everyday cbd oil has helped me tremendously! Indiana should legalizes marijuana. What's sad is I'm considering moving from my home state to Colorado to get pain relief.

  25. The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help YOU.

  26. My unkle tested positive for a drug test cuse of his medicine before taking a drug test you should tell people what your using

  27. Shouid get on a a CBD isolate. You must be using a whole plant extract. An isolate has 0.000 percent THC. Those who aren't familiar with CBD is capable of shoul listen to these doctors. The drug companies can only dream of such efficacy.
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  28. I was a marjuana user for many years, it alleviated my symptoms caused by post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) the use interfered with my ability to find employment. When I stopped for a job opportunity my symptoms came back and became the issue at work. Then CBD became widely known and available over the counter. Legally purchased I limited my use to nightime to aid in sleep and it eleviated symptoms that made my life unbearable. Today I took a drug screen at work and the test was barely passed because of the line on the test for thc was faint yet it did pass. I was instructed to discontinue it's use and told that I would be subjected to a hair follicle test. My job at risk I feel let down by a legally obtained product I see as a miracle. The drugs prescribed for my condition left me a zombie and destroyed my ability to function in a normal capacity prior to the use of marjuana then CBD. I'm terrified of who I am without it and will not and cannot function normally on the narcotics Drs. prescribe. Why is the only form of relief I've found at such a contriversial level for everyone. How do I make the normally functioning people and my employer see the blessing it has brought into my world and ability to return a balance of life for me?

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