CBD Oil Drug Test Advice

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  1. I'm a truck driver in California. I do at least 4 drug test a year. I have back pain and I would like to use some CBD creams for the pain.. would creams with even 0.1% THC passover to my blood stream even tho it's cream placed on skin?..

  2. I've seen several people mention marijuana test kits in their comments below and that a test kit can be purchased at a drugstore..

    Q1: are those drugstore marijuana drug kits any good? Or is it just money wasted when you find out you failed the real test?

    Q2: Do I get them at Walgreens and CVS and places like that?

  3. And if you think that an test kit from the internet will help you or drinking a supplement will give you a false or a negative outcome employers are starting to use hair testing which will give a longer period and time frame of how long you’re using

  4. People need to realize that just because you’re State legalized marijuana doesn’t mean that it’s totally legal it is still federally not legal an employer has the right to not hire you if you test positive for any federally banned substances

  5. So I ad 3 drops of 1000mg cbd by genesis to my vape that i only vape at night after work. Every now and then I have 1 or 2 drops under my tongue. So my question is does that sound like its to much or am I safe for a drug test…. ?????

  6. Worried about failing a drug test for THC? Watch this:

  7. GREETINGS FROM THE EMERALD ISLE: Please watch the following video that explains the issue of CBD & Drug Driving over here in Ireland and The UK, AND How you can PASS SUCH A DRUG TEST. Enjoy. Liam. CEO, Keltic Mist. XX

  8. where do you even buy pure cbd oil?? I've only ever seen the thc/ cbd.

  9. The best thing to do is buy some Marijuana drug testing kits on line. Do the CBD oil the first day of your vacation and then test yourself 12 hours afterward and again 24 hours afterward. See if the test is positive. If it is then your CBD has too much THC in it and is not safe to use for a drug test.

  10. Can you tell me a good company to buy cbd vape oil with 0% thc in it ?

  11. My CBD vape oil says it contains no THC in it. I trust it. I'm on probation, I'm not taking any drug tests at all yet, and I also consume kratom, for my lower back pain, and I researched it for a long time before buying the kratom, and I read that kratom will not show up on a drug test, and it's legal like CBD oil is. No false positives from either one, I really hope!

  12. Go to the drug store and bay a basic 6 panel test and test yourself.

  13. Smile you need more CBD lol

  14. I have recently bought what is called true CBD oil. I want to try it on my husband for migraines. he has recently been given a drug test for his job. the labels ingredients claim 30ml of hemp oil and 100 MG of cbd along with glycerin. no mention of thc. I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis among other painful conditions, I find this heaven sent and would like to help him. I have tried 10:1 tincture and it failed my test.

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