CBD oil cures dogs seizures

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  1. That product is made from cbd isolates which means you have an incomplete cbd profile. You can get better results from full plant full spectrum cbd. Check out Ananda Hemp. I can get wholesale price for you to help your pet. Im happy to see it helps him enough time stop the shakes.

  2. My dog is having seizures as well, can this be used as a preventative measure? Like maybe giving it to him in the mornings?

  3. Wow, I just got home from the vet with my dog and her first seizure, it was horrible, am looking into cbd oil, it's so scary.

  4. It's way beyond time to stop the prohibition. Great video.

  5. Sweet and I gave the video like number #420

  6. I need to buy cannabis on Internet for a dog of 11 years old and who suffers in automn when he walks. Do you have a link please? Many thanks

  7. Where can I buy that? My dog was taking pills but it seems to be getting worse

  8. How long does the oil work until you have to apply more?

  9. Have they ever thought of a time release cbd patch for dogs?

  10. Want the best CBD on the market? Products Ranging from full Spectrum CBD Gel Caps all the way to dog treats! All of your retail and wholesale needs in one location! Follow the link to purchase today! https://discreetwellness.net

  11. Oil can help on dogs to stop the seizure

  12. Wow that worked so fast. I just got some for my dog. She just started having seizures this year .

  13. Has anyone tried this with grand mal seizures? My dog is currently on phenobarbital. He started on the min dosage, and over a year's time he is now on the maximum. So many bad side affects! I need to find something else! Right now he is on the max dosage and STILL having really violent breakthrough seizures.

  14. Yeah CBD oil really helps! I use it for my dog and get it from here. http://emeraldcbdshop.com/Jasconim

  15. Anyone know something similar I can order online in the US for humans?

  16. The seizures may be from the wireless wifi coming off router box. It did that to me!

  17. It's difficult just to see this dog having a hard time. But the way the CBD helps and the SO sweet and loving way this fellow interacts with and talks to his pup truly warms the deepest part of my heart! Amazing all 'round! LUVS ❣️

  18. may i ask what kind of CBD oil you used and where did you get it from . i tried boost from white palm (calyx) . and it did nothing for my dogs seizures. looking for something that works

  19. Most seizures last about 60 seconds. It was almost 60 seconds by the time you gave it to him. ???

  20. Seriously just broke my heart into a million pieces. I'm so glad CBD and marijuana is helpful to pets. I give it to my dog for hip dysplasia pain. Where did you get the spray?

  21. Awesome video thank u for actual live proof

  22. im furious, im livid by what my vets in texas have hid from me and my pet. CBD saved my buddy, a loyal puggle .

  23. http://luckydon.myctfocbd.com Anyone interested in CBD oil we have a full line of pet products as well

  24. Shit made me cry… Currently walking my dog for a midnight stroll and was curious on this topic. Good shit dude, you're a good person.

  25. I’m glad you found something that helps your dog – but that doesn’t look like a seizure at all. Have you had your dog diagnosed by a vet? To me it looks like idiopathic head tremors since your dog is standing up right, responsive and seemingly unbothered by the shaking. Idiopathic tremors can often be stopped by a distraction, the usual suggestion is a treat. However you should rule out other medical issues to make sure it is in fact idiopathic. Either way – that is not a seizure like I have ever seen – and I work in (human) healthcare and have a dog who has regular seizures – what is happening here is not a seizure.

  26. I’ve just started my dog on CBD oil for his conditions he has… hope it helps comfort him if nothing else. Great doggy Dad you are!

  27. Amazing! This helps my pup as well 💚

  28. How can anyone dislike this video, they must be heartless animal hating jive turkeys.

  29. fuck youuuuu🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  30. Wow that works so fast. Does your cbd include thc? Could you share the brand you used? It was kinda hard to catch it on the video. Thanks and what a handsome pup!

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