CBD Oil Causing Nightmares? Need your advice| My Experience

I recently starting taking CBD oil and here’s what’s been happening to me.. ▽ THE GOOD STUFF ▽ SUBSCRIBE ➣to be a part of my spoonie family!


  1. I love CBD but have developed nightmares and night sweats…it is strange but during the day it helps with anxiety

  2. Hi, I also got reeaally bad nightmares from cbd oil!! They are so vivid and emotionally really upsetting! I also had nightmares about something bad that happened in my past. So it seems that cbd oil has the same effect on us? I am NEVER going to use that stuff again. Yes, we might sometimes have nightmares anyway, but the nightmares I was experiencing with cbd oil were much more vivid and much more profoundly emotionally upsetting, and that sadness and depression caused by the dream alone affected the whole following day and my interaction with other people the day after. Now it's 24 h later and I still feel like crying. I can tell it's from the cbd, because it feels more upsetting than the usual stuff causing me sometimes to feel down. It's not worth it for me. I hope you find a good way for yourself.xxx

  3. I'm so sorry ur going through u are so beautiful and have a lot going for u I'm here if u ever need a friend or someone to talk too ur not alone

  4. because I suffer from sleep paralyze

  5. have u tried medical weed from your doctor

  6. I'm a marijuana user and a kratom user my dreams have been so vivid the last couple weeks I think it's because I quit the marijuana mostly. The stuff just effects your dreams somehow just a side effect I assume could go away if u lower your dose and get used to it. I always heard quitting marijuana will give u vivid dreams but I imagine starting it could too. (Btw I know your not talking about weed but cbd is in weed)

  7. I've been vaping 250mg cbd oil for about 2 weeks and yes I have bad dreams almost nightly since I've started taking it. Listening to your story and sorry for you loss but ya you proly should stop taking it till you are past grieving. My bad dreams are just random bad dreams. But the thing is it helps my mood so much when I'm awake that I will take the waking up from a bad dream cause before the only way I could even sleep was to get drunk enough to pass out. I shop at pure cbd vapors.

  8. should maybe try less i heard it is great and should be able to sleep with this

  9. FIBROMOM are u still taking cbd? maybe cuz ur in REM finally, it is part of healing as well. this happened to me as well when my mom passed away

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  11. I have fibro and take cbd oil here in England. I have had nightmares or very vivid dreams every night and am not sure what to do as it was my last hope really for this illness. I'm 45 and had fibro 20 years.

  12. If you're using the non-THC kind, you shouldn't have problems with hallucinations or bad dreams I would not think. I have used it in high dosages, and have not had it do a thing for me either way. You may just have suppressed memories (which are very natural) of your dear mother Losing a mother is very traumatic. When I lost my Grandmother, years ago I had nightmares for a very long time. I still get them now and then regarding her, and it's been almost 20 years. I don't think it is the CBD. But you might want to back off and see how you feel. Good Luck!

  13. I did not get nightmares from mine

  14. You're not alone. I have been consistently having terrible dreams since I started using CBD. I've only been using it for a few days, but like clockwork, i have more nightmares every night.

  15. When I tried Hemp oil (Amazon) I felt no relief at all. I live in Florida, bought CBD oil…..it is different. Helps. Today was a horrible morning. I tried to go to work….. Sat in parking lot in tears……..I remembered I had bought one 25mg gummies. I had taken half a hydro but still pain so bad I could not go into work. I chewed the gummies I remembered and in about half hour or so I felt ok enough to walk into work. It helped quite a bit. Never had any negative side effects with oil. Wish it was legal for you. Pain from FM sucks! I'm 63. Have had this a few years, really tired of it. Retiring in a month!

  16. No nightmares here I have terrible PTSD rather not say why. I've had time to grieve tho. I take drops not droppers full

  17. It's possible it's going to do this because as we all know, most people who smoke it get really relaxed and kinda have minor altered realties. It's possible that you've pushed the tragedy of your mom down because it was so terrible. The oil is bringing that reality up again into your sleep. You might wanna give this more time before using it again. I'm no doctor obviously, it's just my guess.

  18. Aww, sorry abt your nightmares Evie. My mom was just telling me abt this last night. I guess my dad has a co worker who using this oil or cream and swears it takes the pain away instantly. But, with us fibro weirdos nothing seems to work or if it does, doesn't last. I hope you feel better. So sad you'd start having nightmares.

  19. Oh honey. I’m so so sorry. I had that happen with my grandpa and I so know what you. Are dealing with. Love you so!

  20. Thc is the one that affects ur mind. I wouldn't stop 4 he cbd oil I would talk to a counselor though. I had to

  21. Cbd doesn't cause bad dreams ur subconscious does. Cbd does not affect the brain it affects the body. U haveing night tares is part of ur grieving I still have them. And they are horrible.

  22. I never tried it. You better stop taking it. Maybe you're allergic. ☹️

  23. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sorry your having such awful dreams. Sending hugs and I hope your dreams settle soon.

  24. I’m sorry hun you are having nightmares
    I have ptsd so I understand they aren’t nice
    I can’t take cbd oil it gives me anxiety even though it was no thc
    I tried thc never again I thought I was going to die
    Sending u big hugs xoxo

  25. I know two people who stopped using it due to this exact issue!!! 😳 Horrible vivid nightmares. I wonder why this happens with some and not others. Hmmmm. 🤔

  26. Does it help with the pain?

  27. My doctor wouldn't let me try it when I was on Vicodin. I had to stop the Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first. I also started with the low dose (no marijuana, illegal in TX) and I only used two drops because fibros are so super sensitive to everything. I'm always afraid of having a reaction. It did nothing so I gradually increased, but it did nothing for me and my pain was so bad that I had to go back to the hydrocodone.

  28. I used to work in a dispensarie and I do know that CBD is non psychoactive. The topicals don't give you any sort of a head change or anything like that. It sounds like your mom's death was traumatic for you (I'm so sorry for your loss btw) and when we fall asleep our brain gets relaxed and trauma can pop up in dreams. I have night terrors A LOT (traumatic childhood). So that might be whats going on. You have to experiment with the dosage or just try a different product. Have you tried the whoopi and maya tincture? Their meant for menstrual cramps but does wonders for the pain as well as her bath salts. Also try EXODUS cream. AMAZING STUFF! anywho I hope I've been some help. Lol they used me as a guinea pig with all the CBD products so I do know quite a bit when it comes to that stuff. Oh! Also try the CBD water!

  29. Just want to be clear, this CBD oil has no cannabis nor THC in it. Still illegal here. It is hemp oil 💗

  30. What I've noticed is that when I'm in a bad head space and user anything that had Marijuana in it (cbd, creams, etc) I get weird problems like weird feelings and thoughts. If I'm in a good head space it doesn't happen

  31. I've never experienced that. but some people do have side effects or it could be you are in such a deep sleep you are dreaming about trauma

  32. I’ve never had that experience. I’m wondering if it’s putting you into a deep sleep. When I lost my mom ,my nightmares where of shutting of casket. Have them to this day. Seems I have them more with flare. The head in the ass syndrome! That is such a correct statement, that’s how I feel I couldn’t stop laughing!

  33. I haven’t experienced nightmares while taking CBD oil.

  34. What kind if CBD is it, does it have terp flavors? Some that have sativa properties give me terrible headaches and other side effects, In really don't think it's from the CBD, may just be trama effects, I lost my mom 2yrs ago tomorrow, they may never go away but it will get easier…. trust me been there done that, sending LOVE & HUGS….

  35. Sad but True and Don't Tread on Me are on my top list! I love metal/rock music. Glad I'm in good company.

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