CBD Oil Benefits for Pain, Headaches and Migraines

  1. My daughter has had chronic headache for years. We have taken her to a neurosurgeon more or less said it is hormonal and to expect to have headaches until menopause. She was like 12 at the time. She did go a few years ago to a pediatrician who had her start taking vitamins which helped relieve it some, but she still suffers a lot. I am going to give this a shot. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the video and advice.

  2. CBD is the medics everyone needs …it aids plenty of ailments ..get it in daily 3 times aday….CBD brothers UK….best quality full spectrum organic grown and co2 extracted with lab results …. excellent quality from plants from Holland 😎

  3. Do U show the proof from a lab to show the percentag of cbd in the product?

  4. Nothing is better! Nice video 🙂

  5. Natural hemp is forest floor flavoured lol! Good to hear there's a product out there that tastes better.

  6. I live in ultra-conservative TX and this has always been taboo. I was searching for ways to natually help my wife and studied CBD. I called many maufacturers and fell in love with the staff atVerified CBD. I spoke to Alix and she was from TX and moved to CA to produce this oil. I ordered it and it helped my wife within 3 days. Sleep, no mood swings, and she was a different person. I gave a bottle to my friend because his wife wasnt sleeping and shazaam…it worked for her as well. This stuff works. DO NOT FEEL SHAMED for taking an all natural product. We alrady take other medicines and they're made from worse drugs! Feel proud that you took the step to feel your best physically and emotionally.

  7. This is my 3rd day using CBD oil. I usually wake up with caffeine headaches every morning that only go away after I've finished my first cup of coffee. Today I woke up without a headache for the first time in months.

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  9. What cbd oil is best for migraines ? How much daily?

  10. The host REALLY needs to enunciate her words…tends to sound like mumbling.

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