CBD Oil Benefits for Pain, Anxiety and More (with Dr. Billy Demoss)

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  2. As a person who suffers with an IBD I find this exciting news.

  3. If weed makes you happy and it has positive medical healing attributes then why dont they legalize. The system is sick and must be stopped.

  4. The Dr on the right looks like he is on something 😳

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  6. This guy said we could eliminate fossil fuels with hemp… i love cannabis and cbd but thats just an insane claim.

  7. CBD oil is exploding with new products every week. Who should I trust and what should I buy?

  8. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis. She was bed ridden for months and after she started taking CBD she has been getting out of bed and moving about much more. This couldn't have come at a better time with the crackdown on Opioids, which is interfering with her pain management program. I can't recommend CBD enough. If you need a high potency CBD, like my wife needed, try https://itchangeslives.com/cbd

  9. "I have given you every seed bearing plant on earth to use" the bible. Marijuana, opium, kratom etc….thousands more the pharm lobbyist have kept out of the public hands.

  10. I hear you Dr. Axe, My mom died of lung cancer, it was horrible… I wish i would of been able to save her life with this stuff…

  11. To. Buy that so expensive .,, can we plane that in back yard

  12. My doctor told me to smoke pot, I smoked it but after a few minutes my back was in severe pain, I'm willing to try CDB gummy bears..idk the milligram to start with? Can you please let me know, thank you so much! If it goes by my shape, I'm 5'5" 145 lbs.not fat, mostly muscle , I am peite also not large framed… Again ty, I have severe depression & anxiety disorder .. can't ever sleep

  13. 165.00 a month is not affordable for me

  14. Is CBD a good Daily Regiment even if you don't have any health problems? More as a preventative measure for future health problems?

  15. CBD – (C)ancer (B)eating (D)rug

  16. codeine, morphine and so many more are plant based….they made the mistake of messing chemicals into them…..don;t let them do the same thing to Cannabis..and DO NOT BUY SYNTHETIC ANYTHING

  17. be prepared to have invaders..corporate entities trying to take over….this idea sickens me….I am 52…I wrote a paper for my class in 1980 at 14 years old…some of us who have been loyal and fighting to defend it…..are sickened by this!

  18. Except "going the natural route" for cancer often doesn't work, and a lot of people who seek alternative methods first end up getting into chemo too late once the natural method fails. Prevention is key, of course, but please don't try to dissuade people from going through radiation treatment. Many lives are saved that way.

  19. Lovely info but I can't believe this guy believes in "god" and is attributing the intelligence of healing substances to "god". No, you have no evidence of that. Come on, show nature and science some respect. That is just idiocy.

  20. Great information! Thanks. Check out all things cannabis and hemp at neo420.com

  21. Why was hemp ever illegal?…. Smh

  22. My husband is on High Blood pressure meds & cholesterol meds, is it ok for him to be taking a table spoon of Hemp oil daily?? (No CBD in it) Industrial Hemp oil… Thank you 😊

  23. CBC oil doesn't help everyone. it doesn't help me.

  24. CBC oil doesn't help everyone. It doesn't help me.

  25. look at every prescription people people take everyday..Horrific side effects..I"am all for this..

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