CBD Oil Benefits for Dogs

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  1. I just rub it on my dogs gums. She's a 6pound hairless Chinese Crested with a really big tumour on her side. The sling on it ened up kinda busting open (gross, I know sorry) So the vet put her on antibiotics to get rid of the skin infection before doing major surgery to remove it. The antibiotics didn't work at all. She's only been taking the CBD oil for a little over a week now, and the skin is already healing up. I'm really interested to see if it will start to help with the actual size of the mass. Fingers crossed 🙏

  2. Hello – My 11 year old Boston Terrier (30lbs) has diabetes and glaucoma. The vets tell me that he is doing pretty well considering his ailments and that his blood sugar levels are normal for a dog his weight with diabetes. I'm just now starting to hear about the benefits of CBD oil/dog treats for pets and was wondering if you could share how my dog's condition could possibly benefit from using DBD Oil dog treats. I have not started giving him the treats because I was waiting to get some feed back from the internet. Thank you.

  3. I want to use CBD and THC for my dog with GME and just started on prednisone 7.5mg twice a day. I know u have a video on how much. But I’m wanting to know the correct dosing. Thank you.

  4. 911, I have no idea about any of this, took a bad fall yrs ago. Have never tried any of this stuff. In severe chronic pain 24,/7. Don't smoke. Let a person there , pick out what she thought would be good 4 my pain. Cookies, 10 mags, also a balm . Was a waste of my time and money as neither one did anything 4 me!

  5. Try Cannimal! http://www.cannimal.com for ailment based CBD formulas for animals.

  6. How about ear infection in the dogs

  7. I like your videos bro cuz you actually explain everything that you talk about. Unlike everyone else videos. But I have a favor to ask can you make a video on "the best Ways to give your dog CBD oil, if your dog is giving you trouble when you go to give them there drops/dose" I only ask cuz no one has a video physically showing a few different techniques of giving "drops under the tongue" those are the instructions on my bottle I was told for my 65-70lbs dog. The guy who owns the brand told me to try n prevent him from swallowing it and keep under the tongue, would it be the same putting it on there gums? But thanks man !

  8. I had back pain for 20 years and I took one cbd pill slept all day and my back pain has gone and never returned.

  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide these kinds of videos – you're doing such a good thing, and though I am already a strong believer and user of CBD oil for our senior cancer kitty, I think your videos are so informative. Thankful there are people like you who share this information to dispel any confusion people have about the non-psychoactive, and VERY naturally therapeutic qualities of CBD oil. The analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and calming attributes of CBD have been a Godsend for our kitty, and us! It also stimulated his appetite, and helps him sleep deeply. At the outset, he was very reactive to the oil (napped deeply for 1-3hrs) – but as they say, once his endocannabinoid receptors built up a healthy amount of the oil, we saw improvements in his clarity of mind, appetite, and sharpness. We dose him as needed as some days and hours are tougher than others with his tumors. Sorry for the long-winded comment!!

  10. Do you know of a Holistic vet for my cat he is 15 and suffers from anxiety from being terrorized by nieghbors in this apt building by them slamming doors constantly all day every day for 4months also suffers from a hip problem when he fell out the window 4 years ago from the 2nd floor cause of a faulty screen I live in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Rapids area

  11. Hey professor! Check out this great Facebook group. It's all about CBD dog health success stories.

  12. My dog is 11 and has chronic kidney disease where I make her food at home. Would CBD dog treats be of any benefit? If so, what?

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