CBD oil benefits and Autism “Positive Testimony”

Please join us today as we sit down and talk to a mom of a 10-year-old Autistic boy. In this video, we will discuss the positive improvements, what you can expect …


  1. Hello, I am from Macedonia, i wanted to ask a question about the CBD oil, about my kids(twins), they're 4 and they have autism elements.
    I wanted to know about how the treatment goes and how much should be given from the oil.
    I have one oil from 0,2 TCH and 15% CBD.

  2. what is your company called? Where can I purchase

  3. I am a Mom just like this one, at my "witts end" so to speak of what to do for my 13 year old son. This sounds like something I'd be willing to try. However, I do have my reservations, not just because other medications were so bad but because I can't stand being around weed. Now I do understand there is a difference between oil and all the other various forms which is why I'm opening my mind. My one biggest concern is him being "high" all of the time. Is this something that is true? Do children experience being high and if so, does the cannabis continue to "treat/heal" them when they are not on a high? My biggest concern is him being in school and being high. Forgive me as this is something very new and foreign to me but that is why I am asking questions. Thank you!

  4. All CBD is not created equal You have to be careful . Some are even toxic.

  5. My 13 yr autistic daughter has been on 300mg cbd oil for almost 3 weeks and it's getting so much better! She is calmer, speaking more and identifying letters and numbers more at school. Thank God for this oil!!!

  6. Would you say it's for the more serious cases .. my son gets frustrated but not alot he's well behaved at school at home he acts out more but alot of it comes from being spoiled I'm scared cause I don't want to give him something he doesn't need..

  7. Such a pity is so expensive!
    My son has ASD and ADHD, but at about $225 per bottle plus shipping, and I live in Canada, so shipping here and then convert the currency to Canadian dollars, is just impossible for us to afford. 🙁

  8. It would be good to get an accurate dosage amount or more specifically, a recommended dosage amount. It was a little confusing with regards to the dosage that was being discussed. Just a suggestion. Great video. Sorry didn't mean to post in comment.

  9. Please where can I buy this? My son has asd and me, I have anxiety disorder.

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