cbd oil anxiety depression

cbd oil anxiety depression 500mg Peppermint Tincture combined with 30ct 25mg Capsules is a great way to manage anxiety and depression. For help with CBD …


  1. I have had heart palpitations and shortness of breath spells daily for a while now. Before that I was given anti seizures drugs for horrible panic attacks I was having. My marijuana smoking was not helping and making me anxious sometimes sending me into a full blown panic attack. I started CBD oils a couple weeks ago. I have not had one shortness of breath spell or palpitation. It feels so good. For so long I struggled, it's like a miracle. I'm a total believer. If you have anxiety and or depression give it a try. Now I'm cutting back on alcohol because guess what that was the worst way to self medicate the shortness of breath spells. Thank God for CBD support the carers act!

  2. Whaaaa!!! Where's the rest of it? I want to master my anxiety..

  3. Talking way to fast hard to follow

  4. For me,….a 52 year old male of above average muscle percentage….I can take/do take, 15mg. of Cannabinol oil caps in a matrix of other surrounding oils…from a very reputable company….and I "breath better, sleep better,…..my nervous system has been 'down regulated' to cut systemic pain,…..I have a better GI response; ie: crap more appropriately, and feel better.

    Everyone on the planet could and would benefit by taking CBD….to one level or another…and to/for one system or another.

    Come off ManMade junk…and take what God has given us all. CBD does NOT get one high….as it's not THC.

    Learn, think, ACT.


  5. First of all….99.5% of us do not know how "cars run"…and don't care to, or need to. Period.

    Secondly….we don't have the need to understand the Anatomy & Physiology of our brains either….only .0095% of the worlds' population….needs to study and know this.

    Thirdly…we need to STOP taking man made medications…or we will have genocide on a world wide level.

    God makes NO JUNK….we need to learn what God made…for our well being…not be afraid of it…..cannibus and the human endocannabinoidal system…have been created by God…not by Pfizer, or Merck or by any other man made "money chasing entity".

    Study, learn….make a decision. Learn about the cannabinoids…not to get high…any ASSHOLE CAN SMOKE A BOWL….learn about taking control with CBD.

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