CBD Oil And Diabetes – The Positive Effects Of CBD On Insulin And Metabolism

CBD oil for diabetes patients and the positive effects that could happen are a nice benefit to having CBD as part of a diabetic routine, read the new research …


  1. My cats skin and fur have been helped immensely and he lost weight. No thc, just hemp butter. One cat has inflammatory bowel disease, they said she would be dead yrs ago with big pharma meds, she is 15+ yrs and doing very well with the butter.

    I have used this medicine for 37 yrs, never go to a doc, never sick. I still have the same waist size I did in high school. 😊

    God Gift for Health. 🙏💕

  2. Using all organic, GMO-free Sunflower lecithin is a healthier alternative to coconut oil which is toxic for many medical cannabis users. Sunflower lecithin is more stable, cannabis-soluble, and is known to magnify THC levels if using properly decarbed source material. Google it.

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