CBD oil 5% & Valerian root extract

I’ll be trying this myself overture next week or so if anyone want to try them I’ve been told they are good for anxiety and panic also to help sleep. Love to you all.


  1. Thank you 😁 can't wait for your results Marc x

  2. Wiz so you got it from Holland and Barrett I'm going to get that but I'm going to wait till see what you think off it cool mate .🏆✌🏻️👍🏻 that zimo gave a good sleep you looked good well done .

  3. You are correct that excema can be triggered by stress coconut oil taken internally or applied on skin can help it's great for many things ,if your skin becomes broken and sore then you may need a cream like betnovate from gp or Aveeno skin relief cream is very good depending on the severity. Also can I suggest that Bach rescue remedy drops under the tongue may help. St johns wort herbal drops can help with anxiety and depression but let me cavaete that with * please check that it doesn't clash with any other medications people may be on…ie anti depressants, as St Johns wort can affect your serotonin levels. Another good source to get CBD oil from is http://www.nextdaycbd.co.uk ,they sell it in forms of drops cream or to vape , I found it to be better than Holland and Barrett , it is more expensive but they have higher mg on sale, hope that helps guys x

  4. Hi Wiz whenever I am stressed and anxious I get dry skin on my scalp and hands, I've been getting this for years but still don't know what this is. X

  5. Yeah I had nighttime tea with valerian in some years ago. Seemed to work. Pukka do one with many herbs in which tastes much better than valerian on its own imo. Often on offer in H&B.

  6. I've struggled to sleep for years. I must admit I try cbd oil for a day and quit lol… but I will try again and use the bottle up before I come to a conclusion. I was on the boots sleeping tablets and for a few days I had the best sleep ever. But like anything from the shop it's a temporary solution.

  7. Cbd oil is good, I get it from Holland n Barrett, not sure if u tried it or not but is it st johns wart apparently is also good..it says valarian root is in Holland n barret 30 capsules 11.99.

  8. Is It possible to say again what your reflux/IBS capsules were cos I couldn't read the box, on your other video/live stream and also let me know what the water is that you like to drink when out?…cheers…K

  9. Look it up on anxietycentre .com , it gives you all the info , I get dry forehead scalp and behind my ears ,my go told me to use baby soaps and shampoos you can even use it if you get flakes of skin on your eye lashes

  10. Oi Oi geeza. CBD Oil, Good anti inflammatory. I'm getting some. Respect bruv.

  11. Silcocks base for dry skin mate…all can be stress related, diet is so important…but the Silcocks can b used as a soap also.

  12. I think I get stress eczema, it might not be directly from stress but because you tend not to look after yourself as much when stressed, I don't know. But I know that one time a stressful event triggered my eczema on my legs, in a symmetrical pattern, same place on both legs which I thought was interesting and must be connected. My mum got psoriasis from stress of my grandad dying so there's definitely a connection somewhere

  13. Thanks Wiz. Ive started on high dose st johns wart 3 days ago,💗

  14. Dry flakey skin or scalp can be stress related, I use a bicarbonate of soda with a touch of water massaged into the area and rinsed. It almost works as an exfoliant and leaves the skin feeling super clean. Bicarb is also known to kill bacteria.
    Many people also clean their teeth with it to avoid flouride and it can be swallowed in water to reduce / eliminate heartburn and indigestion. It has also been used to cure cancer though the medical industry of course will not recognize it, probably because big pharma don't profit from it. Cheap as chips if bought in bigger quantities but expensive from local supermarkets in small packets or tubs.
    I am never without the stuff 😉

  15. I’ve stopped smoking weed and need some cbd oil I’ve tried the 5 %. It doesn’t do much for me I know there’s higher doses but don’t know where to get any from ? If anyone knows let me know xxx

  16. Sorry I get it stressed and I use coconut oil you can buy in the supermarket in the cooking section put it on at night and in the morning and always after a shower

  17. I get it all the time mate on the side of my chin, its mainly where I have hair, like eyebrows too, but also side of my nose, on my head etc, it's excema/Psoriasis and occurs more when you're stressed. Use HYDROCORTISONE CREAM mate. Your doctor will give it you easily. It's the best thing honestly. Nivea, Nizoral, E45 and other moisturisers don't work for me…👍

  18. Wiz I’m almost certain it’s psoriasis, I learnt about this when I was apprentice Hairdresser at College, 👍 Google it 💋

  19. Mine is itsnstrssnand I use coconut oil it's great

  20. Hey wiz hope ur well 😍😍😍 I suffer with my skin l have acne rocea …….. it comes on with stress. Let us know how ur Holland and Barrett buys work for u 🙏🙏🙏 xxxxx

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