CBD Hemp Oil For Anxiety (watch me take it!)

In this video I try CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Hemp Oil) to see if it helps with my anxiety. I struggle with anxiety in addition to BPD and OCD. I’m looking to test out …


  1. what is the concentration you are using?

  2. So you are taking something that you know little to nothing about? Not a wise move although CBD is supposed to be relatively safe.

  3. Id love to bang the shit out of her to “relieve her anxiety” and help her relax

  4. You where definitely drunk when you recorded this shit??

  5. It also helps with insomina, I use it my self but the one where you mix it in your drink. It does work and feel a sleep no problem.

  6. You’re dumb as a sack of potato, but thank god you have a nice rack.

  7. It seems like you haven't done very much research on the matter. ??

  8. @Brittany Potter
    any updates??

  9. I’m about to try this out tomorrow yyahhhhhh

  10. How many of us came here because the initial pic was of a pretty girl putting something in her open mouth?

  11. Shes a bit like the dizzy one out of Coronation Street

  12. I take 3 full drops of this oil trypuredoil.com it has made my anxiety and depression go away.

  13. Are you still taking the oil? I've just started and I do feel like it helps me sleep.

  14. I just ordered 1 ounce bottle of 1000mg oil. The guy on the phone said a normal dose is one drop. I also got a 2 ounce of the topical cream that's 500mg.

  15. Try practicing reading the words , try looking up THC try figuring out the dosages…. try understanding what you are talking about , so that when he rest of the world like my self try to look up I informative advice…. our brains don’t FALL APART. idiot. You probably have anxiety because you over dose on everything else.

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