CBD for Migraines? Fibromyalgia?

Thank you all for watching. I have been making YouTube videos for around 8 years now, and have thousands of videos from every subject one could imagine.


  1. CBD was legal in all 50 States when you made this video, though I commend your work and your efforts. FYI: Obama was all for legalization and stated it many times. He isn't a dictator or a wannabe unlike the current idiot that occupies that spot now. More power to you @carpo719!

  2. I have been smoking cbd in my vape, and it has definitely helped my headaches, and other pain. It does work

  3. Does cbd help with migrains and can u mix a drop if it with other juice

  4. I need a places name where I can get it!

  5. The best CBD comes from Hemp Oil and it has just come on the market. PrimeMyBody NanoEnhanced Liposomal Hemp Oil. CBD from Industrial Hemp is FDA approved and legal in 50 states. Great book: The Anti-Aging Miracles of Hemp-Derived CBD Oil by Sally Schutz, M.D. and Bayne Boyes. You can also look into Dr. Christopher Shade's work….CBD enhances the endocannabinoid system in the body and stimulates the production of 2-AG and CBD blocks the break down of anandamide in the body.

  6. the problam is wich cbd oil to buy, you see there are many companies, i'v tried some, saw some benifts but not for long

    not i'm trying Endoca, a good known company, taking 30mg a day

    someone knows better conpmanies?

  7. CBD has helped my IBD. It is easy to get hold of over here in the UK.

  8. Stopping epilepsy in patients is not placebo or all mental lol … so you can rule that study your doing out of the equation

  9. Research Monsanto seed company…GMO foods…I have done research for 3 years and this I believe is causing Fibromyalgia and ME other chronic illness including…cancer…we have to stay completely natural with foods and meds…HEMP OIL CANNABIS its helping me mushrooms research them…research it is all their I believe the animals have it too…as it is in their foods..MAD COW …research connect the dots…it is all their..

  10. "CBD that is legal in all states is made from hemp seeds and stalks, it has no medicinal value. CBD from the flowers of a female Cannabis plant is still federally illegal". What is your opinion
    on this???

  11. I can't stand THC. I don't like how it makes me feel nor the taste or smell. I started though using CBD oil for my severe pain. I refuse pain pills due to they make me sick. Just a few days into using CBD, I was in no pain, I moved better, my anxiety was manageable. after a month I noticed my tangerine size tumor was shrinking. now 3 moths later and my tumor is the size of a grape. it's not illegal here in Oregon. eugene has an amazing sort of product.

  12. there are many other countries than usa 'regarding legal & not',its mostly bs (sorry for the lingo), the legal & illegal cures, u just need to find good trustworthy pple, is all, the pharmaceutic companies rule the world, yes 'misinfo', and many have relief with cbd others cannabis other coconutoil etc… just inform yself good, is all.

  13. Interested in buying for your health issues ? I suggest that you listen to ERIN ELIZABETH talk on the subject .
    SOL CBD has very good testimonials and is available online only .

  14. In all of the states it is legal to buy SOL CBD .. available on line and very good product…..

  15. big pharma is behind all this

  16. i love the back ground tree what part of the country are you.. how do i get the seeds to plant my own cbd plant

  17. bullshit…cbd is not illegal

  18. holy cow the government is lame

  19. CBD is not more illegal than meth. It is sold over the counter.

  20. Where's a good place to get some online ? legal cbd oil ? I suffer from fibro and chronic migraines. I need relief.

  21. The focus on the camera goes in & out a lot — thought you might like to know.
    CBD is more illegal that meth?! That's absurd.
    One question: should I take CBD on an empty stomach? Or does it not matter? Does the time of day make a difference? I was considering taking it before bed, and wondered if that's effective.

  22. Did you get a new camera? I like the quality! What kind is it? Thanks friend!

  23. Legally shipped online now by CW Botanicals in all 50 states, or in UK at the UKCBD website. CBD, CBC, and CBN as well,just below 0.3 THC to be legal.

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