CBD for depression | 13 research studies

CBD for depression, 13 clinical studies indicate the use of CBD oil for depression. The Chinese were the first to appreciate the medicinal properties of his the …


  1. I have been using CBD for roughly 1 week.

    As a long term sufferer of both anxiety and depression, I have felt an immediate boost in mood: literally from the first day.

    I use drops which I got from Holland and Barrett, and I also vape CBD.

    While it is relatively pricey, I would encourage anyone with depression and/or anxiety to just give it a try. You really have nothing to lose, and so much to potentially gain.

  2. Would me very beneficial to learn your suggestion which strains to try if person suffers from depression and anxiety. Strains, oils and dosing. Thank you so much

  3. Thank you for the great info,, you are changing lives

  4. I think CBD oil plus getting rid of most concentrated sugars and putting in natural sugar from fruit is the key to getting rid of my depression. CBD oil helps with anxiety and pain.

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  6. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  7. WEED WORKS AND DEPRESSION CAN BE BEATEN… Don't believe in all the negatives.. You are depressed so please try and get it. You deserve some peace

  8. I'm on day 4 of my CBD treatment for depression, and so far this is the most levelled out and clear headed I've been in months. So far so good, but time will tell for sure.

  9. I started taking Charlotte's Web raw CBD oil 3 days ago and it already started working. I feel more motivated and like things are not a chore, I have not had an anxiety attack, . I feel no side effects WHATSOEVER! I feel like everything is balanced in my brain and I feel normal the way I should feel. I have more energy but it's a calming energy. It's like a miracle!

  10. great video BUT what product ndo you use how many ML, and how much and how often you takje ??

  11. CBD has worked wonders on my severe siatic back pain. Was unable to walk or stand up for 3+ months so i decided to try cbd, & within a week I was up & walking again.

  12. Cannabadiol (CBD) relieves chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness and its an all natural legal extract from the cannabis plant. Its legal in all 50 states in the USA and in Canada and many other countries.You can buy CBD at this website; http://budzmckenzie.MyCTFOCBD.com/CBD and you can also get your own CBD sales website to makes thousands of dollars a week.

  13. CBD Oil has helped me out tremendously,now i am helping others with it to,judge for yourself here,no obligations,contact me anytime if you need further help or advice like above,pure cbd oil here http://www.HempWorx.com/oneness

  14. I LOVE your that room that you are filming in~such a beautiful job with the design and decor.

  15. I recently purchased ”Hempmedix” CBD oil (1000mg) and now on 3rd-day personal trial…very effective after decades of fitness training and inflammation. Anxiety and depression have dropped noticeably. No ”high” just a noticeable overall.feeling of well being.

  16. Thanks so much, that was really good of you to come back to me. I’ll search out the location you suggested as a possible source of CBD oil for me. Let’s hope it’s not to expensive, but more importantly, it helps me as much as it’s helped so many others. My family need their mummy back, and I really miss the happy girl I used to be too….SO FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED!! Let’s see….AVRIL

  17. Does anyone here know what it's like to stop taking CBD oil after an extended period of usage? (As somebody who suffers from Depression/Anxiety)

  18. Hey everyone. I'm the owner of Finger Lakes Cannabis. We create high quality CBD products right here in the heart of the Finger Lakes! We are a small business striving to help everyone and create amazing affordable products! We aren't saying that we are better or worse than any other business out there, but we are definitely worth checking out! Come take a look at what we have to offer. FLXCBD.com

  19. Cannabis is the king of neural protective antidepressants. It's great the government is slowly moving forward, but there are many bogus companies producing useless non-active oils that don't work and are likely just vegetable oils. I've been using cannabis for decades for anxiety, depression and sleeping issues for decades. In order to reduce my need and increase my knowledge and health I looked into herbs, adaptogenic like Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha, which along with zinc supplementation have enabled me to live without it for short periods, until I'm unable to sleep again after a few days or a week. It is dangerous for me to run out of cannabis, the long term rage issues I have from taking Lexapro mean I can't work anymore and can destroy everything I've worked for months to get in seconds, so I'm trapped effectively until the Australian government makes cannabis legal or I can get effective legal medicine from a doctor. I've started cold calling and emailing all the surgeries and hospitals I can find in order to find a doctor willing to start the mountains of paperwork in order to get certified, by offering myself as the perfect test subject, with chronic pain, sleep disorder, depression and anxiety I have 4 of the 6 conditions that are legally treatable by the non-existent certified doctors with cannabis medicine, none of them life threatening, and I have 20 years of self medication with cannabis to draw on, from starting with hash in your lovely country during my stay after I finished high school and entered the workforce, whilst my own country was being ravaged and raped by mass methamphetamine addiction unfortunately.

  20. thanks keep making these videos this gives me hope I want my life back I don't want2take ssri anymore where do I start

  21. CANNABIS CURES and #CBDworks, period. Order some pure CBD Isolate (99%) and try a vape for yourself, as I've found this to be the most cost effective and efficient method of consumption BY FAR.

  22. CBD hemp oil helps with mood elevation and overall happiness. The only side effect is a healthy mind, body and soul. CBD does wonders for the colon too.

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