CBD DOSAGE FOR DOGS – How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

Subscribe === https://goo.gl/oLbBwx === Download the Dosage Guide: https://goo.gl/vXX83Q In this video, we breakdown the general guidelines for giving CBD …


  1. I have treated my epileptic mini dachshund daily for the last 7 months and she has not had a seizure yet. She used to have about 3 a month, this stuff really is amazing, im glad i no longer have to use perscription drugs, the cbd works better and is much healter for her then the prescription meds she was given

  2. Thanks for this dosage guide video. I also use CBD on my dog as well as for myself and have videos of our CBD journey. Your video and site will be a great resource to point people toward.

  3. My 34 lb Sharpei/Beagle is a picky eater and he loves a dropper of CBD oil on his biscuit treat.

  4. Does it really matter if you give ppl CBD opposed to for dogs?

  5. Very helpful. Thanks bro! Just gave my 10 lb dachshund a few drops for the first time for her allergies. 100mg coconut oil tincture. Waiting to see how it works for her.

  6. What about flavor types such as bacon, does that affect the strength of the oil?

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