CBD Brothers Blue vs Purple Edition Oil Review and Experiences with Insomnia, Fatigue & Digestion

CBD Brothers makes a few different CBD oil editions. I’ve tried the Blue and Purple and report my results in this video. If you want to read my overall experiences …



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  1. Do you have insomnia still? I’m currently recovering (hopefully) after CBT for 4 months which helped me a bunch

  2. Hi, my mum has arthritis. Do you know which cbd oil would work for her? Many thanks 🙏

  3. Try Endoca , I wouldn't trust this stuff as far as I could throw it lol.

  4. Sativa strain will stimulate, Indica will help relax. I learned this on a trip to Amsterdam. I've tried the purple 16% hybrid & that helps with pain. I paid 25 quid. Nothing helps me sleep though, aside from Yoga & Meditation. Maybe some Lemon balm tea too.

  5. Nice review. Would you recommend either bottle for panic/anxiety attacks?

  6. I just watched your past 2 episodes because I was trying to see if it was worth buying some CBD. I've never heard anyone describe their insomnia so similarly to how I feel! I have pretty much the exact symptoms. So… The thing that seems to be tricky about CBD is that every company is using different plants. They all have CBD but they have other compounds in them as well if it's a whole plant extract. I had never seen a hybrid CBD before so I just went to the CBD Brother's website to check it out. Maybe you would do better with the "white" formula that they offer. From my limited knowledge, Indica would be more calming. That would make sense why you had some more positive benefits from the "purple" since it's a hybrid and why you get more energy from the "blue," which is a Sativa. I'm sure taking the blue version for so long during the day has just balanced our your system overall though! Keep the videos coming. And hopefully we'll be able to sleep one of these days!

  7. Long story but basically my lower right leg had rotted away down to the Tendons and my right ankle as no movement. Lots of pain in my right foot especially when I walk.
    So I now take 6 drops of the Blue at 11:00 am then go shopping at 12. The pain as gone in my foot just numb and I'm able to walk much better so it works for me.

  8. Hey! So I've just bought blue ediiton and started taking 3 drops this morning and again 3 drops this evening. I wasn't aware .I was buying a stronger strain until I read more this evening and realised I could have gone lower I think to white or even green to begin with. But I've bought it and started taking it now so I'm just going to continue. And also I only took 6 drops because I read somewhere earlier on the web that you should take 3 drops morning 3 drops afternoon and 6 at night if you're using for anxiety (which is what I'm using for) but I'm not going to take the 6drops now as suggested because I've already probably taken too much? I'm unsure. What do you think?
    And this was based on 50ml bottle at 2000mg of cbd. But not a specific brand or anything. Just something I read somewhere when I googled 'how much cbd to take for anxiety' So far so good. Just felt bit more alert but in a happier state of mind than usual. As suffer with depression also.

  9. Thanks for the review! I have had a similar experience with CBD. Sometimes it revs me up, sometimes it relaxes me.
    Here are two tips that help me:

    1. Drink warm lemon water every morning (before brushing teeth). It significantly improved my liver function tests!
    2. Allow morning sunlight to directly touch your skin because it converts to Vitamin D, and Melatonin approx 12 hours later.

    Hope these help.

  10. I have purple and green. They made me jittery took green 1 drop morn and purple 1 drop eve for 3 weeks. Stopped for now. Interesting how you mixed yours and got a different experience. I might try that

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