CBD Benefits: Already feeling the effects of CBD Oil after 1 week

Follow me on Instagram @dtparker23 Here’s what I have noticed in the first week of taking CBD: Improved sleep Stress is down Improved mental focus Don’t …


  1. I’ve recently tried the vape version of CBD and while it tastes a lot better going in, I don't feel like it has the same effect as the dropper under the tongue. With the dropper I felt calmer and I feel no pain within 20 mins but with the vape, I can't tell if it's working or not. I've been trying the vape for the last month but I think the dropper is the winner for me. I think the quality of CBD is important and I get my CBD from Pure Hemp. These products are organic , non GMO , CO2 extract , they have full spectrum and CBD Isolate oils they also posted the lab test results on their website.

  2. An overall feeling of "whatever' …Um OK, that says alot.

  3. Good to on hear how it helped you..People should know that cbd has great benefits. It has been around for a long time, Egyptian, assyrians etc have used cbd. If interested, here is more info about cbd http://silversurfer247.myctfocbd.com/

  4. One of my pups had a tumor like cist growth on its neck, so gave it tiny bit of Infused marijuana CBD Olive oil, 2 days of treatment, and it actually worked cured tha pup almost overnight, it's now normal 🐶

  5. Thank you for the video. Where do you buy it and how much does it cost.

  6. Interesting review – to hear how others feel it impacts them. I just started taking CBD a few weeks ago. I feel it has helped me tremendously with my irritability – which I think I am just prone to (my Mom was a very irritable person) – and I have chronic pain and generalized anxiety. It hasn't really helped my chronic pain – but since I feel so much less irritable – it kind of makes my chronic pain more manageable. My only thing is – I wish it wasn't so expensive. I've tried a few brands and so far I like the Herb Strong brand the best. What brand are you taking?

  7. Thank you for the video mate. I've just got my hands on some CBD and I'm 82 days free from smoking bud and wanted some info before I tried this and came across this and it sounds like it'll help with the things I want it for.

  8. Awesome review, and I also share these same benefits from taking CBD oil.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I’m in New York so I believe I need to have it prescribed, however I don’t know if work would allow it due to drug and alcohol testing.

  10. I’m so glad to hear this, I just ordered mine today same brand as you but I got the high potency winter mint. I really hope this works for my panic disorder and ptsd, insomnia and pain from scoliosis. I’ll keep u updated but my hopes are high! This is my last hope for getting better without taking more pills

  11. Anyone interested in purchasing CBD oil please visit the website which is http://7777warren7777.myctfo.com

  12. I totally get what you mean about the stomach feeling going away!! I’m focused too! I can say it’s CBD!!

  13. Subscribed!! I’ve been on CBD for almost a month! I was considering this brand!!

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