Cannawell Blend CBD Oil – ISMOKE Review

You can buy these products at – products featured at the CBD Blend and the CBD Blend 6 X strength. Read more about CBD on ISMOKE …


  1. fake meds no real cbd , try a tincure made in a legal pot state . . nothing in this crap
    tryed it

  2. I love your videos bro, keep them coming! Cannabis user from Liverpool here!

  3. I've been buying cbd oil from hemp my pet for my dog that has a tumour could you have a look at the product and see what you think compared to the ones you just reviewed

  4. is the original 1x strength good for anxiety and ptsd?

  5. So that ghost that walked in his room

  6. £84:99 but well worth it, you only need a couple of drops and it last long, very long

  7. you said holland and barrett sold you cbd, but when i enquired inside the shop they said they don't have it…I'm confused%^£@^Also, i can't buy online…Help!

  8. Fantastic video. iv ordered a Charlotte's Web vape pen to try for my anxiety and arthritis if you have done a review on them that would be awesome. have you personally had success with using it for anxiety?

  9. so that will help with my anxiety

  10. with cbd products were all being mislead as to how much cbd is in them. There's not 175mg of cbd there's 175mg of hemp oil . therefore a fraction of a %of cbd.

  11. the invisible man walked in lol

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