CANNABIS oil for Autism – does CBD oil help Aspergers?

Cannabis oil for autism, does CBD oil help aspergers and autism? Find out in this video. 10% off HEALED BY HEMP: DISCOUNT …


  1. What do you think of CBD for Autism?

  2. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  3. I was actually very curious about this

  4. Thanks for the video Dan! You're 300 away from 50k now, congratulations! I can't believe I missed this video.

  5. Give this whole thing a read.
    'highly illegal because of adverse effects' well that's not a statement that you should be saying, in fact when people do experience what you might inaccurately call a overdose (for starts cannabis has no LD-50 a very rare attribute) they might experience some of these adverse effects some people might validly express.
    The effects of 'overdose' on cannabis can be very mild but again dosage is very important, just like how the UK/media likes to say this 'skunk' ( which is really just well grown/quality genetics of todays cannabis ) is not the same as your grandpa's weed, this really is such awful info because if regular users especially the medical community that use larger dosages, that really need these far more potent strains more common of today, were to use something that isn't potent it wont do anything good for them, quality highly resinous cannabis is very well needed, and even a first time user shouldn't experience any negative effects should he practise responsible dosing more so if it is potent cannabis.

    Can you even imagine a first time or new user to any other drug, never mind the fact that a overdose on other drugs will provide you with severe side effects, like death!
    so when a first time user has some very strong cannabis even a very small amount , it will be far too much for them, therefore experiencing a 'overdose', of course a 'overdose' is nothing to be worried about and even a large 'overdose' on cannabis is usually very mild at worst and of course no lasting effects or things like death occur like they would with every other substance mind you. however if and when someone does have some discomfit especially new user trying these potent strains they need to practise sensible dosing! you cant give cannabis a bad rep for some possible side effects, usually new users might experience as again they might of been completely fine had they used a more responsible dose, again need I remind people what a overdose is like with any other drug.. its a misnomer in itself to talk about overdosing with cannabis but it is good terminology to put in into perspective with everything else, you still need to practise responsibility.
    Please try doing a bit of research before posting a video bro 🙂
    female cannabis plants produce the flowers that you might be familiar with and use, males are killed when they are big enough to tell they are males and show signs of sex, unless you want to breed/make seeds as the male pollenates the female so then the female plant would focus its energy on seed production over flower production and resin production, males usually produce little to no resin and don't make the cannabis flowers you are familiar with and smoke/ingest.

    Because THC is illegal there are certain plants that have been bred that produce little to no THC, but these plants still produce large flowers, smell like cannabis but contain high levels of CBD these can be grown legally even in the UK.
    What you think of hemp is the same genus and species of the THC rich cannabis used recreationally, in fact it is depending on how the plant is grown and used for that will determine what term is used, so cannabis is generally used for describing a plant that is bred for its potent resin glands usually high in THC (there are many cannabinoids though), and so hemp is usually described as a plant that has trace amounts of THC, hemp is a high growing plant (helps that they are planted very close together which encourages stretch and vertical height over bushiness) that has been bred for industrial uses like, oils, ointments, fibers, CBD products, seeds (the cannabis/hemp seed is the single most complete food in the world, their omega acid and protein content is also second to very few in the plant world ) and a lot more.

    Only products made from industrial hemp (less than 0.3% THC) are legal, so this determining factor is what most people use to distinguish hemp from cannabis, so there is not any natural point at which the cannabinoid content can be used to distinguish strains of hemp and cannabis…. you can think of it like 'hemp' is just not used for recreational uses, many countries allow the cultivation of cannabis/hemp considering it is less than 0.3% THC

    Additionally I like to what you add what you stated are NOT the side effects of THC at all, in fact THC isolate has been around awhile now, so people know what just THC does to you, what you are thinking of, is what happens when you smoke/ingest cannabis, because cannabis can be thousands and thousands of compounds, it is very important to note this distinction, because many even common cannabis strain do not make you tired, or induce or impede hunger etc. because it is Actually the THC (and the other cannabinoids) in conjunction with the TERPENES that give cannabis strains its effect, for example making you tired, as THC alone does not do this, other THC rich strains will not make you tired, even with large doses..

    One last thing, inhaling anything burnt is not good for you, if you are going to inhale use a vaporizer at least! Otherwise find another way to ingest, oh and this is a whole other topic, but cannabis actually produces THC-a, CBD-a, etc (not THC, CBD) and these compounds have there own effects and important medical properties, only when you heat these compounds do they actually convert over to THC, CBD etc by means of decarboxylation, something to note THC-a (what the cannabis plant produces) doesn't produce intoxicating effects….. (so really cannabis even THC rich strains, in its natural form without cooking or heating and inhaling it wont get you high like you know of)

    Did you know cannabis is the most genetically diverse plant on the planet! Do not underestimate this plant, nor fear it, but respect it for what is, hope this helps, peace!

  6. What is the best dosage to start with?

  7. You already know I'm subscribed ?

  8. THC WILL become legal in the UK and it is NOT a bad thing. AND it too helps with autism related issues. get your facts straight please! Stop spreading that bullshit propaganda from the 50s it's all lies. (I know, you don't mean it, but – do your research, before giving advices on youtube. <3 love, and no offense.

  9. Hello,

    I have Aspergers and an anxiety disorder. I have been smoking cannabis in a problematic way for several years in the past. I found it relieved some of the symptoms, but the negatives outweighed the positives by quite a large margin.

    Smoking weed is not something I would like to return to, but I have noted that since quitting smoking weed my anxiety and some autism-related symptoms have returned/increased.

    Do you have experience with smoking weed and how would you say cbd oil compares to smoking weed? Would it be a bad idea to try cbd oil if I had problems with weed in the past?

    Thank you for your time.

  10. Great video Dan. Am looking for some help for a family member who has Asperger's Syndrome and who suffers with anxiety and sensory overload, so I came to your vlog first. Thx so much. Jo

  11. It’s illegal because THC cures cancer and helps prevent dementia 😉
    Hemp is actually a different variety of cannabis than higher THC varieties. Think of it as apples having different concentrations of sugars… I’m a cannabis breeder by the way haha.
    Male plants simply cause the female plants to make seeds. Cut males down for seedless buds 😀

  12. I support you and thank you for your effort. I do want to clarify, as a caregiver for a daughter on the Autism Spectrum, the most effective version of the Cannabis plant we have experienced is a 2 to 1 ratio tincture. ( 2 parts THC/1 part CBD). You referenced adverse effects from THC, but that is absolutely incorrect. The only "adverse effects on Psychological Conditions" is not based on the reality of the plant in it's wholistic state. It's based on the limitation of the patients and health care consultants in application. I have spent the last 5 years treating my daughter with a THC/CBD tincture, which allowed us as a family to reduce the amount of prescribed Pharmaceuticals from 4 daily to only one for my daughter. With dramatically improved results, and a huge improvement in quality of life. With your technical background in Chemistry, it is your obligation as an advocate to understand the difference between CBD/Hemp treatment versus THC. THC with CBD is an amazing tool, and shouldn't be marginalized with statements like "it causes cognitive impairment". LOL. So does TV and Social media:)

  13. Not one word of how CBD improves the limitations of ASD.

    Very little personal testimonies from most You Tube HFA channels.

    CBD treats depression, OCD, PTSD, helps people think more logically and with better executive functioning.

  14. I have aspergers. Cbd oil is helping my anxiety and difficulty sleeping.

  15. Omg! This is an amazing video!

  16. Hi, which site did you get the first oil you mentioned which was shipped from Amsterdam? Thanks x

  17. I’m lucky to live in California and have access to medical cannabis, I find that sativa dominate strains to really help me get through social situations. I just wake up, roll a joint and start my day. Not everyone can do this of course but it’s worth a try if you can access it. Be careful not to over do it thought, its to help you get through the day not to stop your day from beginning

  18. Hi , are you still using CBD for anxiety? I would love to hear how it's going now after a few months. I just started taking verified CBD oil for my anxiety.

  19. Sadly in utah were i live that stuff would be illigal cuse id rather take that istead of pills that have lots of side effects and the pills dont work

  20. I'm getting on that like a fly on shit. 110% with you on prescription meds taking your personality away, it's horrible.
    I don't even go to the doctors anymore when I get mega anxious, just rely on a whole foods plant based diet and exercise but sometimes, especially before that time of the month it's SO bad.
    5-htp is good but that's only temporary tbh, only lasted a couple of months for me. So this sounds like a really good alternative! 🙂

  21. You got your problems; I got my hash pipe.

  22. In Australia, the police can take saliva tests for cannabis along with the standard breath test for alcohol. Would these oils show in saliva tests?

  23. You don't like taking prescribed medication so you take non prescribed CBD!?

  24. I've been giving my son the cold press Hemp oil and also taking it myself. Is this the same thing?

  25. Thanks for this Dan! What I know about cannabis and CBD oil could be written on a postage stamp! Really interesting!

  26. Hi Dan, because you mentioned you prefer no GMO it made me think of this really interesting new book that you might be interested in too, Seeds of Science: Why We Got It So Wrong On GMOs

    here’s the blurb:

    Mark Lynas was one of the original GM field wreckers. Back in the 1990s – working undercover with his colleagues in the environmental movement – he would descend on trial sites of genetically modified crops at night and hack them to pieces. Two decades later, most people around the world – from New York to China – still think that 'GMO' foods are bad for their health or likely to damage the environment. But Mark has changed his mind. This book explains why.

    In 2013, in a world-famous recantation speech, Mark apologised for having destroyed GM crops. He spent the subsequent years touring Africa and Asia, and working with plant scientists who are using this technology to help smallholder farmers in developing countries cope better with pests, diseases and droughts.

    This book lifts the lid on the anti-GMO craze and shows how science was left by the wayside as a wave of public hysteria swept the world. Mark takes us back to the origins of the technology and introduces the scientific pioneers who invented it. He explains what led him to question his earlier assumptions about GM food, and talks to both sides of this fractious debate to see what still motivates worldwide opposition today. In the process he asks – and answers – the killer question: how did we all get it so wrong on GMOs?

    Thanks for the videos!??

  27. You are so handsome Dan! Do you have a bf or gf?

  28. Please don't say THC is "bad". It is illegal in a lot of places, but it is actually more healing than not. It doesn't work for some people, but for others it is a miracle medicine, like for people who have nightmares from PTSD. It is also a great pain reliever and muscle relaxant, so even if it makes you tired, it can help you heal. CBD and THC are chemical components of cannabis and are both needed to make healing effects for the body- the ratio determines the effect, so that is why there is always a bit of THC in CBD products. CBD can relax and so can THC, but each uniquely. Good luck with your videos and thank you.

  29. I have aspergers and tried CBD starting about 2 months ago. I take the capsules – 20-30mg a day. It gave me a headache to start with but that went after a few weeks and aspirin made it go away.

    It eliminated my anxiety completely…I started sleeping better. It stopped me feeling so hungry too which I think may be because I was sleeping better. It also really helped with my sensory sensitivities.

    I feel it had a very normalising effect on me. I tried increasing the dose but that seemed to stop it working so I went back down to a dose of 20mg at breakfast and 5mg in the afternoon.


  30. mIy youngest son and I are both Autistic. He has an extremely rare type of seizures that the neurologist said caused him to experience "the most excruciating pain humanly possible." He would pass out from the pain dozens, sometimes hundreds of times a day. every day he would beg me, "Mommy, if you love me please help me die." We spent about $300,000 [much more than our net worth] trying to find help for him. We live in Colorado, and it was one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana. I was told to try it. I thought that the people recommending it were clueless because we had tried the most powerful drugs in the world and they had not helped at all. I thought how could a little weed help. It turned out to be the miracle we needed to get the pain under control. My son was the second minor in the state of Colorado to get his mmj card. Of course that brought all the social service programs to my door for giving my son the medicine. He is now 24 years old. Life is often still difficult for him, but I have no doubt that this saved his life. Oh yeah, it also helped with the anxiety so common in our people.

  31. Again gosh thnkU?..i dont know uk $ equivalents in canada, sure hope this will be affordable here & i will research if, & when it will become available in Canada. This may be me & my sons solution. I get anxiety & panick attacts as well. My son has ADHD, SPD & a few other issues..he can no longer tolerate the side effects of prescription meds.
    Thnku?for helping to educate people on better solutions…you are an angel.

  32. I've been using CBD oil for a couple weeks now. It seems to be going quick.. ?

  33. I use cpd oil infused eliquid and i find it really helps my anxiety. I may take a look at the cbd moisturiser! I use

  34. Tried weed once and it was a wild experience. I was in the busiest part of a large city and I felt fine? Like all the people moving and talking didn't bother me as much. It would usually be a very stressful time and probably send me into a meltdown. Very strange and kind of nice, though IDK if I would trust myself to take it regularly ?

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