Cannabis CBD oil – Journalist Ben Swann talks about CBD investigations – Truthloader

Emmy Award winning journalist Ben Swann talks to Truthloader about his investigations into the development of CBD oil from Cannabis and the people who …


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  2. The government has enough control. The government only want a patent now to make money off it.

  3. It’s all different now it’s legal in America but not in uk yet

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  5. There are two main problems; One is where the Government can make profit on things like this & two is that there is no direct way to hold the government accountable when they do crooked and shady deals like this.

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  7. I Hope You are Not a CBD Only Shill Ben…
    Humans Need Organic Whole Plant Cannabis Oil…
    Not CBD Only…
    No Where in Human History do We See CBD Only…
    CNN brought CBD into the World in
    Only Americans Think They can Change Thousands of Years of Cannabis Medicine History…

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  9. Anyone heard about CTFO? They just released new line of CBD oil drops Non-GMO Made in USA

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  11. It works for some, but sadly, It has no effect on me. Greetings to all.

  12. A honest journalist that's been banned from mainstream media

  13. Do you have the patent numbers that the US government has?

  14. The government (ie multi-national coporations) knows exactly what they're doing.

  15. Florida is run by a bunch of neanderthals. They passed it for medicinal purposes, cbd only, and for just a few specified diagnoses. The only patients that can get tch is terminal cancer patients and they have to wait 3 months (many terminal cancer patients don't have that much time left) Its obscenely cruel.

  16. resin seeds in spain bred this strain, the yanks knicked it & re-named it

  17. Thank you for the truth ! I'm a care-giver for elderly Dementia and Alzheimer clients and want to know of results shown that will help them and what doses?

  18. Its the synergistic aspect of cannabis is "Why & How" it works threw our Endocannabinod System! As in Rick Simpson Oil its "Full Spectrum Extracted oil, THC THCV CBD CBN CBG ect the Full Spectrum!
    On your cancer statement, do a little more research its the THC that has the major cancer fighting aspects! When it comes to cancer you need "Full Spectrum Extracted oil" One of the many uses of CBD is to help neutralize the intoxicating effect off THC! I find most of the products promoted as CBD are rip off scams type products. Im not talking as in what can be acquired in a legal states like CO. Im talking about all this on line legal in every-state rip offs. It made from industrially Hemp stalk oil or Hemp Seed oil It makes me sad when I see real sick people with these rip off CBD products.
    I was reading your comments is what compiled me to comment I found your info right on at times and totally wake at times. Main Point its THC when dealing with cancer mahalo B

  19. This just broke my heart while making me more than angry.  My mother died from Crohn's disease.  She was taking up to 40 damn pills a day!  She basically starved to death. Weighed about 70 lbs at time of death.  All the many doctors I took her to and NOT ONE OF THEM knew anything about this?  What the hell !!  Big Pharma needs to starve to death…like my mother.

  20. I think it's time for citizens to lawyer up and file suits against the government because fuck them! There is a conspiracy and the swamp WILL be drained! This is America – freedom not a communistic tyrannical state dominance …laissez faire

  21. 👏🏼😉
    Great video.
    Respect man.

  22. How are you gonna have a 1080P personal avatar photo but make a 480p video? Very informative, just saying.

  23. what people call "our government" is not in FACT ours Ben. what we have is a government services corporation acting as. and it is foreign owned

  24. There is "HEMP" (not MJ) CBD oil that is legal in all 50 states. Hemp is only a "cousin" to MJ. Unfortunately we can not grow this Hemp in US, but have to import from Europe and Canada.

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