Can Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Make You Test Positive on a Drug Test? + 1,000 Subscriber Thank You!

Can Charlotte’s web CBD oil make you fail a drug test? Charlotte’s web cbd oil most likely won’t and that’s the best answer provided on Charlotte’s Web’s …


  1. Lol funny shit bro but seriously I need to no if you can past a test with this product I just bought hemp extract oil by Charlotte's Web but at the same time I peppering down off methadone I been on it for about 4 years I'm at 10 milagrams now I started off at 120 but now been getting bad back pains do to a bullet next to my spine I don't want to get kick off the program for a dirty test even though I only have a month in a half left I just want to get off the right way I need to if I'm able to use this I just bought a bottle off my neighbor . Thanks

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