Burman’s Health Shop CBD products explained and demonstrated

Marty Burman of Burman’s Health Shop explains and demonstrates the CBD products he carries in the store.


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  3. 7:00 LOUD warning to headphone users. Scared the shit out me. 🔊

  4. Can i use the CBD vape oil in my regular vape tank?

  5. Have you considered becoming a creator on ( the weed tube ) I am the first soaper to become a creator. YouTube is deleting all CBD soap and balm makers channels. They age restricted my dragons blood hemp oil soap video. So CBD and weed in legal states creators moved to this platform. It's safe and we can be the founding fathers of a whole new plateform.. Whoo hoo.

  6. Hi Marty,

    I recently started using CBD oil to manage generalized anxiety disorder – about 4 doses of 20mg/day, for a total of 80mg/day. I'm finding that it's likely the most effective treatment I've ever come across for mood stabilization, and I plan to continue using it. I do have a few questions:

    1. What is the most inexpensive way to consume CBD? I'm finding that 80mg/day will cost me around $160/month. Any way to consume it for cheaper?
    2. Are there any negative interactions when used with alcohol?

  7. That was funny thank you i just started a month ago and im better. Jam it into your arm ha ha ha!!!!

  8. That was funny thank you i just started a month ago and im better. Jam it into your arm ha ha ha!!!!

  9. I really want them sleep remedies to help regulate regulate my sleep and that vape pen I want that so bad

  10. Do you have a website I can check out they just took all the CBD oil off the shelves in the town I live in in Lancaster Ohio you would think they would have better things to worry about but they don't I've been trying to find a good trusted Source I can start buying this

  11. Have heard CBD oil helps tinnitus. Can you recommend one to try?

  12. Great video! Very informative. Thanks

  13. I would like to have that shirt Mr. Marty…do you carry those in the store?

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