Best CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia (Paste, Vape, or Drops)

Adrenal/Fibromyalgia Health Kit Nutrition, Health, & Detox …


  1. Is that just a regular vape pen ?

  2. Can u vape the oils I bought for sub lingual use?

  3. Can CBD help with tennitus? Today I received my first order of gold and took my first dose.

  4. What can we use for Crohn's disease?

  5. I want to purchase the gold paste for my Fibromyalgia and also the vape pen you showed buy I didn't see the Vape pen on your site?

  6. How long does this Gold CBD last for, as I have Fibro. Chronic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue, Immunne Deficiency issues & so MUCH more, as well as PTSD anxiety & Depression. Will this help with all please? Prices are high for me unfortunately… How long does the Gold last for please? How much can I take & is this safe please? Thank you, appreciate your time…

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