Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

Matt and Judita explain how to use their City & Sea Trading CBD hemp oils.


  1. I would rather have cannabis with about 25 percent thc for cancer removal

  2. Hi from England ???????? do you have your products on eBay

  3. too bad they don't ship internationally..

  4. What are you going to do when the companies that started adding tumeric files for a patent? This is early trials on massive case studies on the public. Montels company has potential of hundreds of patents. Its not going to be open to public on long term. This is a study. Pharma will not allow it.

  5. This product sounds amazing but too bad you guys use hemp not grown in the US i dont trust over seas hemp ☹

  6. Do you ship to the UK please? Rx

  7. This is a commercial for your business. But I will listen to see.

  8. CBD really helps with pain. It takes about a week to start working. Does it get you high ? No. But when you are irritated or just grumpy, take a little and you definitely chill out. All that said, it's time for the federal government to legalize marijuana. Sometimes you need a buzz. Alcohol isn't what you want to use. You need a plant. You need a dooby. Let them know that you are here. Don't bitch unless you are in the fight.


  10. Wait what’s wrong with eating cooked oils? ?

  11. Your products are amazing! Recovery and euphoria are aaaaaamazing!

  12. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and i’m pissed.

  13. zionist shill, True hemp oil has THC!

  14. Will cbd cause you to drop dirty? Just wondering because i have to drug test for work but i need something that is natural to help me with chronic pain and anxiety issues.

  15. also i wanted to ask how i am to buy the products you have adviced?? ive been using a cbd oil by jacob hooy from holland and barrett, a health store here in the uk, it is £19.99 for 10ml which is 2.75%. get back to me, many thanks xx

  16. hey, great video!!! ive started using cbd oil for my 6year old doberman who went off her feet suddenly and was diagnosed by her vet to possibly have a brain tumour!? they wanted to put her down straight away but we refused as shes still so alive and in no pain, so we brought her home, started her on some cbd oil, natural clean eating, and regular massages of diluted frankinsense oil into her kneck and tense muscles in her legs. its been less than 24hours and she has gotton up and walked freely with minimal support!!!!! so we are continueing with daily usage of the cbd oil which from research ive found she can have about 5-8 drops diluted in coconut oil as its 1 drop to every 10llb and she is 88llb. so any other advice or tips on this would be very much appreciated. xxxx

  17. Great video guys. Very informative! I'm going to drop you an email as I have some specific questions for my issues.

  18. Is there any reason why you can't/don't ship to the UK? We here in the UK need CBD oil too but because cannabis is illegal here, it's very difficult to source here. Please could you let me know if you know of any suppliers of good CBD oil for the UK? Thanks 😀

  19. Thanks for your quick response which one is best for lower back pain constant back pain thanks

  20. I hope you can win the public over but I think it is too late. The feds are shutting down the whole cbd industry and we are stuck with crap drugs like ssris and ssnris with have side effects.

  21. You mentioned the benefits for IBS. I understand you can't really tell me what I need to do for IBD (Crohns) and paralyzing anxiety. But are there supplements that are good for these problems. I am on Zoloft, atenolol and clonipin. I am positive that these meds are keeping me sicker than what originally caused me to start taking these meds.

  22. Good for you guys… Fighting the good fight… Don't listen to the haters! They must be bible thumpers.

  23. Great information! I'm also interested in the Chaga cappuccino, would you mind sharing how you make yours?

  24. Hemp IS Cannabis!
    Do your research

  25. Hi Judita! I love your books! Is there a place online where you post a bibliography/resources? Thank you!

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