Autism Parenting & CBD oil

Daily struggles of being an autism mom and how we treat our little blue eyed boy with CBD.


  1. Hello, I am from Macedonia, i wanted to ask a question about the CBD oil, about my kids(twins), they're 4 and they have autism elements.
    I wanted to know about how the treatment goes and how much should be given from the oil.
    I have one oil from 0,2 TCH and 15% CBD.

  2. Can you please tell us which brand is Good? I have a none verbal autistic child.

  3. Wow, Thank You for sharing!!!

  4. How long until he started talking my son is also non verbal

  5. I have aspergers and love this channel xx

  6. Your story really touched me. It reaffirms the work I do everyday, changing lives with this miracle plant. ?

  7. Hi,
    I have a 15 year old with autism. He is low functioning and has huge challenging behaviours. I would like to try the cbd oil, please can you tell me which brand and strength you used
    Many thanks

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey on here. It's very hard being and Autism parent. I just ordered some CBD oil for my non-verbal, autistic son. Hoping it helps him too. I would be happy if he would eat even just a little more.

  9. great …in the Netherlands ..CBD oil (or pills) we can buy this everywhere!!!
    But…THC oil..we have 2 make it ourselves….
    we go 2 a weed shop and buy 20 gram of weed….this makes a 10ml bottle of THC oil…
    20 gram is about 200 euro…but the bottle is about 250 drops and you need no more than 1 or 2 drops a day……
    and it does not make you stoned…in fact…you are taking 2 much , if you get stoned!!
    My dad is on CBD for a few months…..
    He sleeps a lot better and his phantom pains (loosing a leg) are gone!!!

    I only hope , that America will lead the way , to even open the door for using THC oil…
    THC is for the sick people…like cancer….(this is more like having an m5 instead of a beebee gun)..
    CBD works great….i sleep a lot better and i am more calm in stress times

  10. How much did you give your son? My son is 8yrs old and 56pds, how much would I give him?
    thank you

  11. Vaccine injury. Sue the doctors..

  12. thanks guys:) best to you with your son luke ☺

  13. if your looking to source CBD oil somewhere i know organico in bantry sells it. i live only 5 minutes away so i could ship some up if you cant make the trip down 🙂

  14. great first vlog , i was trying to get cbd oil also for my son but no success.

  15. I herd ye the other day on red fm just caught the last few mins of your interview my dad herd it all said ye were amazing I have an eight year old little girl with non verbal autism I seriously think I will give the oil and try now do you mind me asking what brand ye use? Thanks!

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