Atmosphere Essentials CBD oil

“Organic Skin Care Manufacturer”


  1. Are you still doing your wax melts and what not?

  2. Check out _cannaphoria on instagram – she makes all kinds of bath bombs/body oils/butters with CBD oil but you can order some with i think 50mg up to like 200mg! Hope it helps!

  3. Love you Corrine so very glad you are bac.

  4. Enjoyed watching! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aww I kinda missed your face lol…your the one got me hooked on bath bomb demos I usually watce just funny animals and shit and the crime shows lol. clicked on your channel first thoughts "what the hell is this" I'm human we stay curious so you know I had to see. And you Crack me up every time your awesome beautiful in and out. And no stressing doll it's just a bump in the road take time for self wellness so you can get back to cracking me the hell up. Feel well soon doll

  6. I think my mom would really benefit from CBD infused products. She constantly suffers from back and feet pain and it gets worse every year. She also has hormonal issues and she can't lose weight easily, so all that added weight to her petite frame strains her joints. Thanks for the review, it helped a lot!

  7. Yay! I’m so happy you found something to give you some relief girl! My mom just ordered some cream, so stoked to try it!

  8. Does CBD oil show up on drug test? I dont know a lot about it and i too am not a fan of pharmaceuticals. I have pain in my left trap all of the time and want to find a good treatment.

  9. Thanks ! I am glad to have a natural option I suffer from a lot of muscle pain I’m gonna have a look .. yeah I want that doctor route they almost killed me.., I have an amazing chiropractor that I work with and he works with food supplements. I’m about 80 percent better but I do use lush 93,000 miles but this product sounds great too.

  10. I'm glad you have found something that helps with pain and discomfort Corinne. Thanks for sharing with us. 💜

  11. I vape CBD oil for insomnia, no matter what else i want to try it for it knocks me the f out! It does help with my pain, but that's because my whole self is chilled.

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