Aspire Triton w/CBD oil review: FOZZY’S VAPES

We unbox and review the new Aspire Triton sub OHM tank, and try out some CBD oil… with its versatility of going from 1.8ohms all the way down to 0.4ohms with …


  1. Damn the girl in back is straight frozen. She must have smoked a little more than cbd pre video. Lol. She’s like in a K hole.

  2. I recommend a subtank that has small replaceable coils that are rated to vape at 5W-20W, 1.8ohms- .80ohms. I use the Aspire Nautilus.

  3. I really enjoyed your review and your wife rocks she is a cool chick…I don't understand why people have to judge others it such a shit quality to have instilled in us!!!Anyways thanks for the tips I'm Goona try my thc juice in something like this,Except I'm Goona run the kv4 with the cleto tank and hope it works fine…And tell the wife congrats on kicking cancers ass…✌🏻❤🍄

  4. I have a question, using ejmix why does the liquid darken and change flavor? I'm using a melo 3 at 15 to 25 watts and it turns dark in 24 hours or less on me. in the disposable tanks it takes a few days and a couple refills for this to happen. any advice on coils etc is appreciated.

  5. Hi Fozzy, I'm trying to find a simple aspire product only for CBD vaping, I'm on a limited budget. What are you suggestions??
    Cheers, J.

  6. just need info as I battle daily with neuropathy and ptsd.

  7. hey man I dig your review. wanna know how it's helping you pain wise on the scale vs hunting down hi cbd mj.

  8. thanks to all who've subscribed to this channel. we'd love it if you went on FB & followed our Vape Groups: FOZZY'S VAPES & SUCH ~and~ FOZZY BEAR'S VAPOR REVIEWS
    Thanks So Much!
    ~Fozzy & Kae~

  9. just curious how things are going for you guys, it's been a year since you posted this.

  10. Is this the same as the co2 refillable cartridge oils you can buy in the store? How does it do on the coils?

  11. Thank you all for ur kind comments and thoughts. The CBD helps with the cancer both tinctures & vapes. ♡ Keep up the fight and keep vapin.

  12. Very informative going to order some oil

  13. great video guys, keep it up, and thanks for the information 👍

  14. First off, I would like to apologize because you shouldn't have to mention that comment again and again about your wife. Self fkn Explanatory, people these days smh. So I want to get in the vape world. I have an Authentic Skeleton Key Mod, so the Triton would be the best with CBD Oil and thick oils? Im tired of using my BUD touch pen…..

  15. sean wheeler you are the lowest form of ppl. I'm sorry for you.

  16. just remember anyone who likes to make comments about my wife on these videos is a scumbag. read what i wrote. do you get a kick out of making fun of ppl who despite a condition aren't ashamed to go out and keep doing what they want to do. Sean Wheeler I'm speaking to you. I'm speaking to all of you. what has happened to people? you aren't going to shame us into stopping making videos because you want to make nasty comments. besides that every time you make a comment it gets flagged as inappropriate and is removed. but thank you for the over 8K views we've gotten. I'm sure its because we are informative, not because some assholes want to say hurtful things. thank you very much

  17. Im glad that the Oil has been helping out you and Kae. Ghostface just released a line of CBD oil, and i had no idea what it even was until watching this video. I think im going to grab a bottle just because im so curious of what the "high" feels like.

    Thanks for the review(s), and i wish you two the very best.

  18. yeah when i made that video i was new to sub ohming and the terms…. but thsnk u. and i don't use tanks any longer but that one was a good'n. and i always did the dry pulls too.

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