As Oklahoma nears medical marijuana vote, some already using CBD oil for pain relief

Soon, Oklahomans will vote on legalizing medical marijuana, but many are already finding relief with CBD oil. SSubscribe to KOCO on YouTube now for more: …


  1. All cbd has some thc if they say it doesnt they are not speaking truth — now cbd from hemp has very little but cbd from marijuana has more

  2. There are many Okies with way severe pain more than just CBD oil can prevent!
    GO VOTE YES!!! And let's catch up to the current times!!!

  3. NE Oklahoma checking in here.
    788 has a very good chance of passing. It might not…but I sure hope it is does for people who need help with cancer pain, anxiety, etc…..
    I got my parents turned on to CBD. Mom likes it, dad is still skeptical. They're both in their 70's.
    Vote yes on 788!!

  4. Cannabis is so much better than prescription drugs and it doesn't have the negative side effects.

  5. Need the youngins to register to vote ASAP!

  6. To many corrupt and to many still living in the 30`s . Legalize already .

  7. Oklahoma has a HUGE problem with prescription painkillers so hopefully Oklahoma is looking towards legalizing marijuana.

    Everyone say yes to SQ788!👍

  8. Being at war with a plant + protecting for profit prisons = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Vote yes on June 26 2018

  9. Thats all good but Oklahoma needs to lower the penalties for marijuana use in general. Their marijuana laws are harsh. Im tired of seeing people treated like they are scumbags of the earth because they smoke marijuana. Alcohol is way more dangerous. Its hypocritical for a drinker to say you cant smoke marijuana.

  10. Oklahoma is ahead of the game! Great to be able to shop this medicine, locally. If you're outside of Oklahoma or any state that you can get pure CBD oil locally, visit Hempworx ships all over the world to provide top quality, organic, non GMO CBD oil and creams to people in need. Awesome opportunities available also!:

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