Amma Life UK documentary on Hidden Healing Powers of CBD Oil. Cannabinoid Plant Medicine. YouTube

Amma Life would like to acknowledge and thank Steve Milton (Film Director) and Jonathan LaThangue (Birdy Film Productions: Head of Graphics and Camera …


  1. Raissa – What is the problem that your mother and younger brother is having? Where are you located?

  2. Very inspiring and helpful story. Thank you for sharing your journey. It helps me very much. May your future remain happy.

  3. ive ordered some of your pink cbd paste for my mums Psychosis. Any advice ? like dosage and how many times a day?

  4. I hope we can have a ways to buy cannabis oil for my younger brother and for my mother😢😢

  5. CBD oil ,you should be able to get this on prescription,if it works for you it's got to be healthier than taking those pills the doctor gives you which can have nasty side effects,hope the law changes soon!

  6. Thanks Alan & Aldona,After trying cbd oil it's made me a happy bunny too,I'm in a wheelchair as are you,it really helps with the pain.god bless you both ,take care.michael craze.

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