Alzheimers b4 and after CBD oil!

This is my Friends grandmother who suffers Alzheimers and dementia horribly! Notice her grandmothers amazing transformation after she administers CBD oil to …


  1. Wow. Really wasnt expecting this. The wonders of that medicine.

  2. That is a MIRACLE.. Made me cry..i Know What it is like to have someone with this disease. God bless

  3. Wow the beginning stage of this women brought back many tough memories of what me and my family went through when my mother was diagnosed 19 years ago. The disease and very fast progression took her quicker then what we were expecting. Nothing harder then watching someone who you love so much get to a point in life where she doesn't even know who you are!! How does this stop or rebuild the brain cells lost before taking this oil?

  4. As much as I want to believe this but Alzheimer's disease has good days and bad days so not a real definitive test but it needs to be tested for its possible benefits and not used as a drug because I still disagree with smoking pot

  5. Sad , my neighbor had Alzheimer's
    The brother came to "help"
    They gave her so much pills she died 6 months later
    The brother sold the house for 500k and disappeared
    She could be alive today
    Prohibition is genocide

  6. Wow. I'm happy to see this for others to be aware but I wish I knew sooner for my grandma. She passed away a few months ago. Fortunately she was present & aware for her last birthday. I'm definitely telling others with loved ones about this bcuz that was amazing to watch. Tfs

  7. Too bad my Mom didn't get this when she was in need.

  8. The healing of the nation

  9. When my Mother was in a nursing home… I found the TV news to be most depressing and horrible sounds… it should just be music of some kind… something soothing to the sick.

  10. It deffently helps me with anxiety and pain
    Shes more focused and calm
    Lol bless her heart
    Im 15 yrs lupas free because of weed its remained in remission since i decided smoking at the age of13

  11. It's horrible that that government keeps it away from those who need it

  12. I love this so much!!! I look forward to seeing more videos like this ❤️❤️❤️ she's such a sweet woman!! Bless her sweet heart❤️❤️❤️

  13. i showed my 91 year old mother this video and she was blessed. she wonders how old this woman in the video is.

  14. Nothing but wive's tails and unscientific mumbo jumbo. Don't self medicate with street drugs.

  15. Its a real hart wrench at first did not want to complete watching this video but after acouple weeks latter she was talking that's a real life changer

  16. þhat is soo awesome to see how much better she has become after the cbd

  17. It could help millions yet they won't give it on prescription??

  18. My mother has Alzheimer’s and whilst Theresa May’s husband enjoys a 20% stake in a Cannabis Oil manufacturing business here in the UK we still can’t get it for her .

  19. The war on weed in general was a waste …….

  20. CBD oil should have many independent studies for efficacy! I may not care for people smoking it and getting high, but this needs wide independent study! If it works …it freaking works! My heart hurts for those with this condition.

  21. Marijuana gave me back my sight, stopped my seizures and helped me focus. If it does that to a person then its clearly not the same as those who use it recreationally. Yet I am a convicted criminal in my country.

  22. Seeing the results made me smile so much. 💜

  23. Tell me again that its not working… AMAZING.

  24. I love God, & everything He gave us! Share the stories, spread love, & grow goodies! Great job



  27. Just let the old people die. They serve no use to mankind. Fuck this oil. Druggies

  28. My mom passed in feb from dementia, this brings tears to my eyes seeing this

  29. I've always been curious to know what would happen to people with dementia if you give them stimulants like amphetamine.. Would their cognition improve? Could stimulants possibly help prevent or draw out the onset of dementia symptoms? It's probably illegal to do these experiments so there probably aren't any answers but I do really want to know…

  30. I happen to believe that CBD has some amazing properties, and I am hopeful that it will be used medicinally for greater and greater effects as time goes on. But I also understand enough about this disease, Alzheimer's, to know that this video provided zero real evidence of any medical benefit to CBD treatment. Please understand that I am not saying that the CBD oil wasn't effective in this case. I'm only saying that the video fails to provide proof of such an effect. Alzheimer's patients tend to have lucid (or more lucid) moments from time to time. There are therefore alternative explanations for what was observed in the video. I wish nothing but the best for the subject of this video and for her family members. I have seen immediate benefits from CBD in epilepsy patients in which the product completely stopped the seizures time-after-time and the patient began having less frequent seizures as well. Good things are in store for CBD, and I hope that it will make a significant difference in the lives of Alzheimer's and other patients.

  31. The before and after was astounding. Brought me to tears. Simple natural medicine is from the Lord!

  32. and this is why I choose to break the federal and NY state law …. as a vet., with constant back pain 1 "hit" of a refer and the pain just melts away …. when the law is unjust it is every ones obligation to disobey that law

  33. A lot of the drugs currently deemed as illegal can have amazing helpful benefits just like this. The only reason to keep them illegal is so we die faster. We're just numbers, the government wants new ones.

  34. Wow, what a terrific video…

  35. thc helps also.,.,.,dont just do cbd oils.,.,.,.,. find oil that has a good ratio of thc and cbd.,.,.thats the key .,.,.,and a good healthy diet eat dark greens

  36. 😇 wow that's incredible God bless ❤.
    Luv yah 💕

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