Alternative to Vaping Yummy CBD Oil & 2 Cool New Products!

In this video I will show you the Cookies Odor Free Storage bags, the RAW Hello Neighbor Odor Neutralizer for smoke or Vapor…and an alternative way to …


  1. ahhh i miss your voice. its been a while since ive seen ya lol

  2. Always looking for that odour reducing quibble mang NICE stuff though.

  3. could ya post video using Mighty wit E-Liquid?

  4. Do you have a snapchat or instagram??

  5. doesn't this go against your detox?

  6. do u Fuck wit them Sun glasses on lmao

  7. lok dawg, what up. I want a top end herb vaporizer but has to have a great warranty such as the MFLB. not too expensive but we'll worth the vape! I'm stuck between the crafty or pax2 just researching reviews

  8. Awesome video! If you have a minute I sent you a pm, I'd love to discuss some business inquiries for your channel. Feel free to email me at and I can share the details with you!

  9. What, your detoxing? why? Ur hurting my heart… I just got a mighty from you! I have to detox for a little soon though, right before I graduate from grad school. Blah

  10. you should vape some MJ again soon. 🙂 why everyday tho? vaping weed has health benefits aswell, THC works rly well together with these products you've been using. 🙂 cheers! luv the vids but i love to see more vaping since i enjoy that. peace!

  11. The Grasshopper vape-pen review please. I really want to know your opinion about that thing. could be a bestseller for years to come. but i'm worried about a prospect of having a too hot vapor. and a 5 sec heating time for a convection type vaporizer, really? sounds too good to be true.

  12. Hi, I purchased a vaporizer off of your website

  13. Hmm gotta try me some of that CBD oil, looks real stealth n convenient

  14. Get some smoke buddy's on the store to neutralize smoke

  15. Will are you vaping again ????

  16. I'm actually surprised by the amount of people that still keep their use under wraps. I understand why but I also think that holds us back a little buy speed isn't everything. have a good day dude. thanks for sharing.

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