a little update and having a look at cbd oil

just a quick catch up and a look at the growing trend towards cbd oil use.


  1. Damn good video!
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  2. CBD will be faked next. Personally against the idea but each to their own.

  3. I’ve used cbd oil a few times. Don’t really have anxiety from use, but it definitely helps with inflammation. I’m in the US, and it’s not that expensive here. I can get a month’s worth for about $40.

  4. Make a vídeo on CBD after you have talked with David
    Maybe he will agree to be on camera

  5. Been on cbd oil for 2 weeks now, general joint pain seems better, aching isn’t as bad, and it’s massively helped with my anxiety, I tend to stress about literally everything, since being on just a low dose, I’ve had a noticeable improvement in my ability to deal with this.

  6. One thing I can tell you from a cannabis/Tren-Deca user.

    Smoking weed has kept me much more level and stable compared to all of my friends that took same steroids but lost their minds and turned into weirdos

  7. Big Lenny is a fucking nonce mate… you obviously haven't heard of all the massively inappropriate sexual stuff around kids…admitting to watching porn with 6 year olds etc.

  8. Just got my wife some cbd oil from Holland n barret to help with pain

  9. Yeaaahhh Big Lenny is Great lol gentle Giant.Gd vid Dave 👍🏻

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