6 Months on CBD Oil for Sleep Report: Hype vs Real Results

I really wanted to wait a bit before posting my results with CBD. I finally feel that I have enough experience with it to draw preliminary conclusions. For a more …


  1. Why would you suspect mercury poisoning? That's not something you get without a clear reason.

  2. CBD don't work for severe anxiety and/or depression….they just want to sell it…it's full of hype now and they want to make lots of money from people who need relief, all good comments are from vendors…


  4. Are you sure that your sleeping problem is not due to not eating enough calories throughout the day? I notice when I don't eat enough calories (i.e., eating at maintenance) I need to use the bathroom at night, and you said that was one of your symptoms.

  5. I have a cbd oil pen from the dispensary has like .58% tch and the rest cbd i think its a indica cuz i feel sedated and relaxed

  6. That's strange buy it in a pharmacy just like that with out medical.

  7. Sounds like adrenal fatigue. Read Dr. Lam's book about AF

  8. Thanks for your input and experience with cbd oil. I started on it today, so it's early days.

  9. So the key is let it build up over time,,??? ,, Best way to start out, so many different answers,, what all have you experienced

  10. Have you done a sleep study? Maybe you have sleep apnea?

  11. I sat here stoned and didn't get much of this lol I was hitting my cbd pen hoping to get tired. Cbd or thc doesn't work I still stay up late hard to sleep 😴

  12. I was looking for an honest and not "over-enthusiastic" video review of CBD oil. Thanks a lot for a great video! 🙂

  13. Thank you for making this video! I have been using cbd for 8 months and its been great!! My vet gave me cbd oil for my dog that has hip issues and he seems much more comfortable 🙂 , mahalo.

  14. Does this cure dizziness?? VUDEO GAME DIZZYNESS? PLEASE TELL ME

  15. I'm sure you have heard of the Medical Medium protocols? it works for many people.. and it explains a lot about mystery diseases.. all the best from a fellow (ex) insomniac 🙂

  16. Especially since you had amalgam fillings you need to do a heavy metal detox. This will clear up the toxic load that has been stored in your liver and other organs. Try bentonite clay, and a high fiber diet to bind to toxins in your system, while eating a very clean mostly plant based diet [organic, highly raw, lots of fresh green juices, etc] eliminate sugar and dairy (not sure of your diet) … and then get a high quality probiotic take every day . The mercury fillings destroy our gut(I have them too btw) .. also I am a certified holistic nutritionist and have seen outstanding results from people and heard great stories from focusing on a heavy metal detox… then supplementing with a low dose of melatonin.

  17. Interesting. I am starting to research this… I can get medial manjuarana but since it’s not legal in 50 states I will not pass a drug test even though medical is legal in my state.

    I take prescription Addreal and It’s a pain and a longer process to prove I’m clean… My doctor prescribed Kolopin and that didn’t work also Advain and that didn’t work. 🙁

    I wonder how CBD oil comes up in drug tests.

  18. If you’re feeling that buzz you may be using the setiva cbd oil, the indica cbd oil will be better for calming, sleeping and anxiety

  19. Extra strong VERIFEID CBD with 0% THC https://verifiedcbd.com/shop/- This ought to take care of most your needs. Super strong and super effective. Wait until you see the interview from NFL Player from the Green Bay Packers. It has worked wonders for him in so many different ways. Check it out let us know what you think. We even have a discounted trial period.

  20. tiny doses of thc potentiate the effects of cbd
    a ratio of 1:10 (THC:CBD) is worth a try!
    e.g. 5 mg THC and 50 mg CBD per day
    but it may be more effective for anxiety and depression
    also a good way to quit THC

  21. sound great
    l also got nerve problems and i got some good strains I use for my nerves like Northern light .. It's also good for insomnia,anxiety, depression and stress relief so I will recommend it to anyone suffering from the Same problem it also got THC of 38.93%…Just Wickr me if interested ID mackwills23….420🌿🌿🔌🔌⛽⛽

  22. THC and CBD work together…they help eachother out…i bet if you replace CBD with normal flower, you would feel the same, except you get high. I have been doing experiments on myself but made the mistake of smoking weed along with CBD so its hard to say if its a placebo, but i can say since i stopped taking CBD, i wake up at 2:30 am every morning where as before when taking CBD i would sleep until the morning…i should say that at that 2:30 wake up, it isn't hard to get back to sleep, its just like the body says" wake up for a bit, then go back to sleep"….but i do have an alcohol problem that may be the cause of this….either way, taking CBD can only help the body and not hurt a dam thing. good luck man.

  23. Try CBD with a low dose of THC

  24. Does this contain the THC in it

  25. Been taking a cbd/thc “10/1-80mg cbd 10mg thc” edible for a few weeks now and all it does is make me groggy as hell in the morning.

  26. Thanks for this. I have started with CBD oil after hearing so many good reviews. I have experienced the same issue as you? Increase sleeplessness and in my case fixation and rumination. Makes me feel I can continue but will try taking in the morning and when I wake up in middle of the night

  27. This guy has anxiety symptoms. Not sure why he keeps talking about his liver..

  28. you could be getting the cbd from a sativa plant, vs if you got cbd from an indica; indicas tend to be more relaxing & sedating

  29. I tried cbd and immediately my anxiety and depression vanished. My eczema cleared up in 48 hours. Blown away.

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