3 Different Ways To Administer CBD Oil

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  1. I think the environmental factor of the different options is also important to consider, that is unless you have such a severe medical condition that you just need the highest concentrated product no matter what. For instance, the vape shot is much more wasteful than the vape pen because it's plastic that just gets thrown away again and again. If the tincture drops come in a glass bottle then I think that's the most sustainable option

  2. Quick question, I took 2 drops of CBD oil in the afternoon and 2 at night and woke up the next morning with hives all over my body. I waited till they went away and tried 2 more drops and the hives came back again. So my question is am I allergic to CBD oil, or is it my body realeasing to many toxins because 2 drops is too much?

  3. I was in a car accident at the beginning of this year and I have 5 herniated discs and I just found out that I am suffering from craniocervical syndrome which is caused by ligament damage in my neck which is causing me to have nausea, headaches, loss of concentration and focus, memory issues, muscle spasms all over and just general pain and a ton of other debilitating symptoms and I was wondering if CBD would help me with these things??? And not to mention I've been struggling so hard with anxiety and depression and then the trauma from the accident really has messed me up and my pain management doctor just wants to put me on opiates and I don't want that. Please help 🙁

  4. Hi, I deal with pain in my neck and upper back daily because I have a mild form of scoliosis and I have anxiety. I currently take tramadol and now it seems to have no affect on me. What can u recommend I try to deal with the pain and anxiety?

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  6. To all people who've commented about the lack of info about suppliers, I suggest you check out the series called The Sacred Plant. Whilst they cannot legally give you names of suppliers, they will provide a list of all the experts/doctors in the series and you can take it from there. The last episode in the series airs soon.

  7. Hi Catherine, I’m liking the idea of vape oil but maybe the longer lasting effects of the concentrate. Do you have many people use the concentrate and then add the vaping for extra break through pain during the day? And I’m talking for severe RA and neurological pain. Would that work well and which one should I start with?

  8. I have essential tremors. Head, hands,legs, and voice tremors. I have heard of oils helping with tremors. Would you be able to help me. I will not go on prescriptions.

  9. so you are selling your own stuff?

  10. What’s best for insomina vape wise?

  11. Which one is good for energy?

  12. Great videos, I got the drops and I’m very happy with the way im sleeping but not sure if i should keep these in my fridge.

  13. Legalize cannabis in Texas. I can buy a gun that can shoot through a tank! But no regular weed. Everclear?! No weed.

  14. Folks CBD is the best thing since Advil. But don't stop with CBD. My people in Texas know what I'm talking about. Texas isn't going to legalize the cannabis plant the way God made it. We want THC.

  15. Very "high"priced for very small amounts

  16. How does this fare with the elderly? My Mom is 76 and has chronic pain from arthritis and wondered if this would be better than her pharmacy prescribed pain meds?? I would like to get her off that evil evil stuff. I'm new at this and trying to soak in as much info as I can to take care of my Mom. Thank you so much.

  17. What is your website to purchase Vape liquid?

  18. Thank you.
    All CBD? No THC products?

  19. I bought some CBD and I only took 5 drops and didn't feel anything, I weigh around 185-200 lbs how many drops should I take?

  20. How about drug testing at employers? Can they detect THC levels in your CBD oil? Trying to do pain management and smoking cessation for my husband but don't want him to lose his job of 37 years

  21. Is cbd more of a body high? what if you dont have anxiety would you recommend cbd to a non smoker ?

  22. Help! I have Lupus and fibromyalgia. The pain of both seem to be getting worse. Please help. My pain medications are not even working like they use to. I want to get off of the pain meds and start using CBD Oil, but I want to make sure I'm choosing the rightr type of CBD oil. Should I use Pure oil Concentrate? I do have beginnings of emphysema, so I don't really want to smoke unless you think it wont hurt since its not nicotine.

  23. I am just starting to educate myself on CBD & uses. One concern is is there a CBD product with no THC? I believe it’s called an Isolate without the Chemicals found in May Vape products?

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