#236 The Politics and Benefits of CBD Oil and Hemp Oil with Maryam Henein

Maryam Henein talks to us this week about why supplements manufacturers that make CBD oil are under attack and why you want to be taking CBD oil for your …


  1. hi i love everything you stand for i now do coffee enemas monday through friday
    i feel so good god gave us the gift of wendy and i thank him for that thank you wendy

  2. Please help me I dont know what to do .

  3. I have stage kidney failure and I took CBD and failed a UA .I need a double bypass .I have a 90% blockage in my neck .They told me I would die of a heart atack if i quit pain meds.

  4. Whats going to happen to me when I stop opeoids

  5. would like to toss 25 mg ceraquil to sleep

  6. What does of sublingual CBD do you use for sleep? What protocol do you follow for sleep?

  7. what about cbd oil from a dispensary in cali. you know they been tested and are pure…

  8. aren't chinese herbs toxic?

  9. Excellent vid! I wish they shipped to Canada 🙁

  10. Great podcast! Just ordered me a bottle! <3 Thanks so much for sharing this! Noticed you didn't include a link to her website in the description though! Would've been a bit more helpful if you'd had remembered to. Had to scroll back through to find out the name of her website. 🙂

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