2016 01 31 Dosing Guidelines for CBD Oil

CBD oil dosing guidelines by Dr. Terry Himes, Neurologist. (January 2016).


  1. Video quality is very low!!!
    Also, these cbd oils have different % of cbd so it’s difficult to easily calculate exact cbd dosing

  2. So if I weigh 120lb, what mg of cbd oil should i take a day? Particularly for brain damage due to stroke.

  3. This begs the question – mg of HEMP OIL or mg of CBD. I'm assuming the later and just ordered CW HEMP. However, any information on dosing should make the CLEAR distinction between measuring mg of CBD and mg of hemp oil. For instance, one can buy vitamin E oil and measure 1ml but different products will contain different concentrations if vitamin E in that 1ml.

  4. What is the dosage for a person with dementia? If they have a 250mg bottle. How many drops, how often, etc?

  5. Hi, I'm new to cbd oil. My sister got me a 3% strength. I suffer w/ MS (barely can walk). The company suggests to take for the first week 1 drop 3 xs a day. 1 drop = 1 mg. Second week 2 drops 3 xs a day all the way up to the fifth week 5 drops 3 xs a day. I'd like to know if anyone w/ MS has seen a difference in their walking. Or if they needed the 15% strength? Any feedback will be appreciated.

  6. Great Video Thanks a million…

  7. The video is really great and help. I have suggested another video to all because of this video also very helpful for us to improve CBD for pets. Check this video


  8. A mg per pound seems like really high dose for adults. I've read that the human body can't process more than 50 mg of CBD a day.

  9. How do I get in to see this man as my neurologist?? I have almost given up on this battle..

  10. Great vid, its so hard trying to get the right dosage with CBD. I used to buy the pure oil, but dosing was just guesswork.

    Have just started a new product available in the UK that comes in an exact dosage and is a sublingual product, which im told is best.

    You should check it out


  11. I cleared my 10ml bottle in a week by mistake. Thanks for giving us accurate information on dosing, I will save some money now hehe.

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