2 Chainz Goes to a Weed Dispensary in Las Vegas | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

2 Chainz goes to a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas and checks out some of their offerings, including CBD patches and a gold-wrapped joint. Watch more …


  1. Reading the title and im like Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Black chic slid Chains the digits 😂#Facts

  3. I can get that same weed in Cali for 35$

  4. Wow they really pulled a Tim and Eric on this one

  5. Love the effects in this video!💖 and im dying 😂off the comments👀


  7. When the weed bus came in 😂

  8. She has a big booty so I call her big booty

  9. 2 chainz got me rollin 😂😂😂

  10. Who else thought they got a text at 0:24

  11. 2 chainz had to bring snoop dogg with him the real one

  12. I get 20-25 dollar eighths.. Grade A.. But I would love to visit this store, mad exclusive lmao

  13. This why people are racist . Dude can’t even speak English .

  14. Listen at you..wana be a partener of a weed dispensary

  15. CBD does get you high, especially the edibles.

  16. They stupid af! in LA 20$ an eighth and it’s FIRE 🔥

  17. Canadians will very soon be able to buy some LEAFS by SNOOP DOGG!

  18. Hes not gonna invent weed protein shakes period all I'm sayin

  19. I lived right next to that place lol

  20. A white person would make a better two chains, just sayn.

  21. i pay $35 for a quarter and it looks just as dank as that

  22. ***K@nnibisKulture***
    New sign@ture lifestyle br@nd created for kannibis lovers & kulture…E-store coming soon…@ppreci@te the support & love… #KK

  23. I'm 36 and have never smoked marijuana or done any other illegal drug…..life is about new experiences.

  24. cohen….of course a jew finds a way to sell overpriced cannabis

  25. My name is Andree Alamillo. I started making and editing videos,, and now making videos weekly! ENJOY, Thank you!

  26. I'd gladly pay 80 an 8th for the security and piece of mind of never having to wait on a dealer ever again ✌

  27. It's medicine and legal when the white man profits. Its illegal when a minority sells it (cheaper price).

    Why because the minority did not cut the white man his due. Which is none really.

  28. Might as well snort the weed while you’re at it 2 chainz

  29. 1:27 all the bitties around 2 chainzz

  30. "Indica mean…." *slowly waves arms"

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