😀How To Make Sure Your CBD Is Real

Fake CBD can be dangerous, so lets learn how to make sure your CBD is real! CBD is a miracle drug for treating all types of things, from epilepsy, to cancer, but …



  2. Pachamama Healing CBD
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  3. Report this and shut this idiot down! There's probably three kids running around with no food while this moron spews stupidity. Not anti CBD but this guy is a waste!

  4. I'd be very disappointed if he is. Don't judge

  5. Hey new sub here. I wanted to know if you could do a video on Hemp Flowers? Some legit companies to purchase from as well. Thanks!

  6. How about Go Green hemp CBD oil? Are you familiar I just bought this brand..for seizures. Hope to hear back.

  7. I have a house plant that looks like your hair

  8. Man I smoked some CBD oil one time out of a vape and I tripped balls everyone thought I was just putting on a show they thought I was faking but I wasn't I was really was tripping out hallucinating everything you name it it was back when CBD Vape juice first came out but no one believed me and to this day No One Believes that I was tripping they thought I was just putting on a show that s*** f*** with my head for about 3 weeks straight I tripped balls for one night and my mind wasn't right for about 3 weeks but my question is do you think it was the fake CBD oil that made me trip like this or do you think they have found their way around the system and found a way to Market spice into wanna be CBD oil because I have smoked spice before and I had similar effects just not as strong..

  9. I love green roads ! They have videos on YouTube how their product helped kids and adults with seizures . If anyone wants to try out cbd try a low dosage first so you don't build a high tolerance. You might not notice any effects right away but some people do . I've heard it didn't work for someone until a week later

  10. I have diamond CBD and I shit you not I got high it's not supposed to get you high

  11. Diamond CBD brand puts spice/synthetic drugs in their products. Stay away!

  12. I grow my own and plants and make my own cbd oil. That way I know what I'm getting. And also it works out be a lot cheaper the buying from anyone else.

  13. Taking advice from a turnip looking crack head…. hmmmmm nope.

  14. are there any more websites that are good for buying CBD?

  15. HEMP DOESN'T HAVE THC, YOUR NOT GOING TO GET HIGH ON HEMP! LOOK IT UP DUDE! I grow my own Sativa and Indica, NEVER HEMP! Make my own CBD and poppy tinctures! ONLY WAY TO GO PEOPLE! As far as I have read, CO2 extraction doesn't get a better result than traditional extractions, NOT AS POTENT!

  16. Thank you so much I'm so glad I found your video and actually kept watching it lol. I'm a 47 year old grandma who never used any drugs until trying weed a few months ago. Sorry but I wasn't going to watch you at first because I thought you were a little crazy. I made a good decision watching though I think I have been the victim of fake CBD from a small foreign ran smoke shop. I bought what I was told was the strongest most effective CBD 1 was a vape cartridge which came in a plain white box with no info, 2 was a jar of CBD "flowers" to smoke., I tried a little bit and it actually made me feel like crap. I then gave the rest to my 27 year old son, he is a daily long time weed user. Well he said that it gave him the feeling of wanting more as soon as he would finish smoking. So he smoked with a long time friend and he had the same feeling! My son said he thinks it was sprayed with a chemical to make you addicted so you keep having to buy more. Apparently that's what was going on with that fake weed that was ruining peoples lives or even killing some. The "spice" which was also primarily sold at the stores ran by a certain type of people the same as the smoke shop with the CBD. I'm excited to try the brand you recommend. I'm trusting you. thanks

  17. Where can I get cbd to vape ?

  18. You never actually tell us. Clickbait

  19. Have you heard of budutopia are they any good they claim to be organic

  20. Also had helped with carpal tunnel tingling.

  21. any legit website that ships CBD oil to outside the states?!

  22. Just bought "full spectrum" cbd oil. Became immediately suspicous from the lack of smell or taste. As it was my first purchase Im unsure but from my reading it should should have a earthly taste to it(chlorophyl/terpene). I read cbd isolate can be flavorless. Anyone could tell me different?

  23. It helps with tinnitus. Cuts it in half. Great for sleep and reduces stresses! Settles sciatica as well.

  24. I have a lot of the problems that CBD can help but have found most of the good ones cost more than the thc counterparts. I’ve had some great ones but not easily available.

  25. This guy looks like a meth head

  26. Can anyone help me please!!! I’m so tired of taking Norco!! (Pain killer) I like be in n Texas and would die for some Edibles to take my pain away instead of taking the trash that I am prescribed. The only problem is I don’t know how to get it to Texas?? Mailed??

  27. If cocaine had a face jk haha 😂

  28. Freakazoid here ought to ask Green Roads to pay him to remove any mention of their brand.

  29. Fuck you money maker!!! stupid commercial for big money maker

  30. Hey what do u mean 2 deaths ??? Indeed?? How about mango kush harmony e liquid will i die??

  31. Wait isn't weed ban on a fed level how is our U.S. soldier. Being able to use I thought you would be kick off

  32. Do you wanna learn how people with add make videos welcome to the strange show.

  33. I bought CBD capsules – a brand called PureKana, can you or anyone tell me if they are a good one….?

  34. I'm trying Ananda professional from my local pharmacy ! Supposedly it is full spectrum but I've been taking it for 4 weeks and Im thinking placebo 🤔Not sure if I'm just not taking enough but no real noticeable relief from anything so far !

  35. Are cbd distillery and lazarus natural legit?

  36. Is this show about weed or speed?

  37. People like you give normal pot users a bad name. It's people like you that keeps it illegal.

  38. He had magic mushrooms salad for breakfast with a few drops of devil's trumpet extract.

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