➰ Rare Disease Day & CBD Oil Update! ✔ (2/28/18)

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  1. Good luck with your progress. Your attitude will help you as you have a great one.

  2. No, thank you! you are a beautiful roke model for us struggling with medical issues ???

  3. looks like your doing a awesome job

  4. I 've just come across a u-tube video of yours on pain issues. Thank you. I have had chronic pain for years, and I found your presentation full of helpful information.

  5. Eating cannabis raw or juicing it is not psycho active. THC is a very important part of the medicine.

  6. All I can say is "you are awesome " God bless you!!!

  7. It upsets me to find out that there are people out there who think you make this up… I am so so sorry!

    Honestly, it scares me that people exist like that. Again, I'm really sorry to see that much backlash from people who don't understand 🙁

  8. Have you tried the book THE MEDICAL MEDIUM by Anthony William. He has three books out and specializes in mystery illnesses. Its fascinating. From Alzheimer's to Lupus, MS etc. You can listen on HAYHOUSERADIO.COM on Mondays at five pm Eastern time. Best to you. Love Amanda

  9. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  10. The thing about CBD oil is NOT to be taken advantage of by being sold "100% HEMP oil" as CBD. They are NOT the same thing. Real CBD is just that. Hemp oil is not CBD.

  11. so they give you ketamine for pain? i thought you could only legally get it for depression and you had to pay out of pocket for it?

  12. I've read that THC is a mast cell stabilizer. I hope it helps you.

  13. I think you and your family are awesome! God bless y'all!!!!

  14. I’m a medical marijuana patent for my Lupus, you are headed in the correct direction and there are AOLT of amazing options when you go to a dispensary, check out a few dispensary’s as each one has different options and products!

  15. Have you thought that the mango flavoring or the Emu oil might be what was causing the reactions?

  16. I've been watching Christina Doherty's videos for a while now and I absolutely love her. You, too, are an amazing young woman. I'm sure you're helping so many people. Thank you for all your hard work.

  17. Your mum is so cute and you are a great person with an incredible spirit

  18. I get very dizzy I can't stand for long periods or I black out all my docs can't find out what's worng after watching you I'm thinking I may have pots what is the first step.i take

  19. I am in LOVE with your pooch!!!

  20. You remind me a lot of myself. I have chronic pain, mainly due to neurofibromatosis (which is a genetic nerve tumor disorder), inappropriate sinus tachycardia (which is very similar to POTS), high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, thalassemia, and nausea issues. I'm 25 and I also live in Florida.

    I started CBD oil a few days ago, mainly to help me with insomnia. It helps a tiny bit with the insomnia but doesn't really help my pain and it increases my heart rate, which is already high. I made sure to get a good quality oil with 3rd party lab testing as well, so I know the quality isn't the issue. I'm going to try to stick with it to see if my sleep gets better but if it keeps affecting my HR, I'll have to stop.

  21. I have a best friend who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibermyalgia, EDS, etc. When I get the chance to see her, I am going to show her your videos

  22. Happy belated rare disease day I didn’t it was the same day that I celebrated disability awarness day which is what I was celebrating that day

  23. I'm so sorry the oil didn't work out for you. It may be worth trying another brand as well. I have my medical marijuana card in Arizona and it's been a really helpful tool in my tool belt. There's a small possibility things are different in Florida, but most likely you will get all your information at the dispensary. The doctor who gives you your medical recommendation will most likely not be able to offer any specific advice on what will work best for you. That being said, individuals who work at the dispensaries are extremely knowledgable about the products. There is so so much diversity and the stock isn't always the same. That could provide an issue for you because like your IVIG, each time you get your new medicine it will be slightly different. Don't give up! There's an answer out there for you! 🙂

  24. I have issues with oil that has thc but not with smoking it. CBD helps a bit, mostly by relaxing me.

  25. Thank you so much for all that you do. Your videos are what made me willing to talk to a GI about my daily nausea for the past year. So far he thinks it could be MALS caused by POTS, but the only POTS doctor he knows is booked out by two months. Because of you, it got me thinking that my nausea wasn't just a normal thing for me, but a potential diagnosis for a problem.

  26. Jaquie, I was hoping that the CBD oil would help You with your pain and other things. I am interested in it for nausea, pain, etc. I live in Atlanta suburbs and it’s not approved here, since I don’t have an official diagnosis!! My Dr. isn’t smart enough to figure it all out, I guess. I have many vitamin deficiencies, t-3 reverse, positive ANA test, and other things. Any suggestions on how to find a Dr.who can handle a person with a difficult case? I’m so glad that you have Judd, Harlow, and your Mom to help and comfort you through all of the difficult things you have to do each day. Blessings to You and your family ❤️

  27. In high school my one friend told me the story about going to the store with her mother, who was born in Greece and they were buying sheets but in her accent it sounded like shits. lol 😀

  28. perhaps you could try solcbd dot com (hemp) which is GMO free and organic. I get the natural that is not flavored. I am allergic to glyphosate (Roundup weed killer in all GMO food). When you try medical marijuana, the THC is what really helps most w pain (have fibromyalgia/arthritis) and also helps w nausea problems. All MedMarijuana in my state is organic, however some of edibles have ingredients like sugar, soy, corn which are full of glyphosate, (unless organic) which can cause bad side effects. I do not take THC unless it is balanced. A balanced CBD:THC with a 1:1 ratio is what works best for so many I have talked to, but we are all different as you know. Best of luck on FL medical marijuana. I am still learning about it after 4 months. ? for you. JoDe PS how did you teach your cuteness Harlow to “spin.”.

  29. I was recently diagnosed with SIBO. Diagnosis took so long bc a lot of GI docs don’t believe it’s a real thing. It IS a real illness and if anyone in the medical field tells you otherwise, they’re uninformed and if you haven’t been tested bc you were told it isn’t a real illness get yourself tested. I believe if I was tested earlier my symptoms wouldn’t have become as severe as they did.

  30. So glad to see you were able to have such a productive day after the Ketamine treatment! ?❤️

  31. A new 2018 version of Lost in Space is coming to Netflix in April. (For those of you old enough to remember the original version)

  32. Your hair seems to be getting thicker which I would think means your nutrion has improved. I just thought you would like to know from an outsiders perspective.

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